Stamford Uniform and Linen Is Proud to Serve the Local Medical Community

Stamford is one of the larger medical centers in Connecticut. We’re doing our part to support the medical community by pivoting from our traditional emphasis on restaurants to a new emphasis on the medical sector. Medical linen service in Stamford, CTStamford hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists, and even orthodontists, are turning to us as their medical linen service provider because we are a local company and we care. We know and understand that there has been a huge surge in the requirements for a medical linen service in Stamford, CT, and we have responded to the challenge. We do uniforms, too!

We hear a lot of complaints about certain very large companies in the linen and uniform field, but we have always, always worked on the basis that we should operate in the background and your linens and uniforms, floor mats, and everything else, should just “arrive”. You really shouldn’t even know we are here. Then that is one less thing that you have to worry about, and – heaven knows – in the medical sector you have had enough to worry about for the last few weeks and isn’t over yet.

You Cannot Operate Properly Without Essential Supplies

Whether you run a restaurant, or you are a dentist, doctor, physiotherapist, and more, you cannot operate properly without your essential supplies. In a restaurant you need fresh food and vegetables, but you cannot cook and serve them without people dressed in the appropriate manner and using fresh, clean tablecloths, napkins, and so on. In a doctor’s practice or hospital, you need medical equipment and medicines, but you also need protective clothing, gloves, masks, etc., in order to be able to stay safe when helping your patients. Let’s face it: there is often a lot of physical contact with patients, and you need to ensure that both you and they are safe.

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we cannot supply doctors and dentists with the medical supplies that they need, but we can supply all the appropriate clothing, uniforms, and safety apparel with our medical linen service in Stamford, CT.

Over the past few weeks, we have geared up several notches in order to ensure that we can supply you with what you need on time, every time. We know that it is no good telling you something such as “Sorry, but our machine broke down”! You don’t care and you don’t want to know that. That’s OUR problem. All you want is your uniforms and linens delivered on time and it is our job to see that it happens. How it happens is entirely down to us, but trust us, we will move heaven and earth to ensure that it does.

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