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The Best Brooklyn Linen Supply Company isn’t Even in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the place to be, so they say. It’s hip. Hardly a day goes by without the opening of a new restaurant in Brooklyn, and that’s good news for the locals who enjoy eating out – which is a considerable number of them. The local residents in Brooklyn have good careers, and that means that they spend many hours in the office and don’t have time to cook in the evenings during the week, so they eat out at one of the many restaurants – which is why new ones keep opening!

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we are not complaining either. We probably supply more linen to restaurants in Brooklyn than any other Brooklyn, NY linen company and yet we’re not even in Brooklyn. We’re in Stamford, CT.

Neither are we one of the “big boys” and we are happy that we are not. We get to know our customers on friendly terms because we deliver to Brooklyn every day and we have regular drivers who understand the problems that restaurant owners have. The bigger companies can, so we are told by our customers, seem somewhat at a distance from the Brooklyn restaurants, and often have different delivery drivers so they never really get to know each other.

Our Customers’ Success Is Our Success

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we are relatively small, yet still deliver on time every time because we know that it is critical to our customers’ success. Let’s face it: our customers’ success is our success, so we bend over backwards to ensure that their linen supply is something that they don’t have to worry about. As a Brooklyn NY linen company, we know that linen supply should just “happen” and not be yet another thing that keeps a restaurant owner awake at night. There are just too many other problems in the restaurant business.

Running a restaurant is more than a full-time job, especially if you are the chef as well. You have to go to market in the morning, open up in time for lunch (if you do) prep and cook, clear up in the afternoon, and then start all over again for the evening session. When all your customers have gone home you have to clear up again and then with any luck get a few hours’ sleep before it starts all over tomorrow morning.

No, it’s not an easy life. This is why we have worked very hard to make certain that your Brooklyn NY linen company is something that you never have to worry about. As we said, it should just “happen”, and at Stamford Uniform and Linen we make sure that it does.