A table set with white and cream linens. Elevate your table linens with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

At Stamford Linen We Love Our Westchester County Customers

Westchester County – just north of the city – is one of the most prosperous counties in the United States. While we know, love, and service the restaurants of New York City – and (let’s face it), the finest dining in the world is in Manhattan and Brooklyn – there is an awful lot of fine dining in Westchester County as well – places such as White Plains, Yonkers, and Larchmont. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose “either/or”. We do “both/and”. We service restaurants throughout Westchester County, and we are proud to do so.

To be quite honest, it doesn’t matter whether you are the largest restaurant chain in New York City or the smallest restaurant in Westchester County, or for that matter a doctors’ office, a dentist, or even an auto repair shop, If you need uniforms and/or linens, that is what we do. And we do it very well too. Just ask any of our existing customers who use our restaurant linen service in Westchester County.

Right Here In Stamford

Furthermore, we are not like the “big boys” who operate from some remote office miles away. We are right here on the ground in Stamford, and we are a family firm. That means that our directors are here on site every day. If you have any sort of issue or question and want to talk to one of our directors, you can do precisely that, rather than somebody in a call center.

With that said, we are big enough to handle your business whether you need a restaurant linen service in Westchester County or anywhere else within a 50-mile radius of Stamford. We can help you if you have all your own linens and uniforms, or if you would prefer to rent them from us.

Many of our customers do, indeed, rent their uniforms and linens from us because it means that they have no initial outlay. So, it works on a “pay as you use” basis. Not only that, but if something needs to be repaired, we repair it. And if it cannot be repaired, we simply replace it.

Of course, it goes without saying that whether you rent or buy your linens and uniforms from us, everything can have your logo on it, and staff names in addition if you require it. We also rent mats, which are an essential item, but one that often gets overlooked. So, you will always have bright, clean mats to greet your patrons.

If you would like to talk to us about our restaurant linen service in Westchester County and what it can do for you, just call us on 203-504-3111 or email info@stamfordlinen.com. Hablamos Espanol ademas!