A table set with white linens and sail fold napkin. Elevate your table linens with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Cheap Linen Rentals in NYC Are Hard to Find, But it Can Be Done

Rents in NYC – Brooklyn, Manhattan, and so on – are sky high. In fact they are at an all-time high and set to go only one way. You don’t need us to tell you which way. In fact, the only city in the US that has higher rents is little old San Francisco, believe it or not (you were going to say Chicago, weren’t you? Nope. San Francisco). However, if you are NYC based, we don’t suppose you are planning on moving there any time soon.

Of course, this means that anyone based in NYC who is offering services to local businesses is paying these sky high rents, and has to charge accordingly, failing which they would go out of business faster than a candle in a hurricane.

All of which means that, if you are looking for cheap linen rentals in NYC, you are not going to find them.

If Your Business Uses A Lot Of Linens, You Have A Problem

Of course, if you don’t need very much in the way of linens – towels for the washroom, perhaps, and a few other bits and pieces – then it won’t concern you too much. However, if you have a business which uses a lot of linens, like a care home, a restaurant, a hospital, a dentist’s, a gym, and so on, you are facing a sticky problem.

The good news is that there IS an answer. Look OUTSIDE NYC for cheap linen rentals IN NYC!

What do we mean? It’s simple really. Stamford Uniform and Linen is based outside NYC – in Stamford CT. (Not a lot gets past you, does it!). The rents here are a lot lower than in the center of the city, which means that we can make a reasonable profit, but still charge WAY less than similar businesses based in NYC itself.

Even Better News for Cheap Linen Rentals!

The even better news is that we deliver to all of New York on a daily basis, so you can get the same, or even better, service than you would from a company just around the corner without it costing you the family jewels.

It’s not rocket science, when you think about it.

We rent all the linens that you will ever need, no matter what the size of your business. We also rent uniforms (the clue is in the name). So if you want all your staff looking sharp and wearing the company uniform, complete with your logo on it, you’ve got it.

We are not the biggest linen rental company serving New York, but we can still handle everything that you throw at us. All of your linen and uniforms delivered on time, every time, and at a price which your local company simply cannot match, no matter how hard they try.

Put us to the test. We’ll happily call on you at a convenient time, and we’ll give you a quote that will make your eyes pop out. No obligation, but you’ll find it very hard to resist.

So, for cheap linen rentals in NYC look outside NYC – to Stamford!