A commercial laundry operation. Simplify your commercial laundry with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Commercial Laundry Services in Stamford, CT

It’s surprising how many business owners don’t realize that they can rent uniforms and linens, rather than buying them. This is so much more practical than outlaying a small fortune on uniforms, tablecloths, napkins and other items, especially when you first start a business. There are so many expenses before the first customer crosses the threshold, that anything that you can do to keep costs down must be welcome. How much you need in the way of uniforms and linen will depend on the sort of business that you’re starting. If it is, say, a video hire shop, or an hardware shop, then you may only need staff uniforms for two or three people once a week.

Restaurant Commercial Laundry Services

Stamford and surrounding towns like Greenwich, CT, are full of restaurants. Everything from high end restaurants in Greenwich to low-end but really great eateries in Stamford, CT… we have it all. But with our plant located in Stamford, CT, we can certainly help with the linen, uniform, and commercial laundry service needs of any business in Stamford, Greenwich or other surrounding Connecticut towns. If it is a restaurant, then you are going to be using an awful lot of linen, not only for waiters and tables, but for kitchen staff also. In the kitchen, you will probably find that you need to change uniforms, chef’s wear, and so on at least twice a week, since accidents will always happen, and spills cannot be avoided.

Commercial Laundry Made Easy

Of course, if you are not really aware of how easy it can be to rent uniforms and linen, rather than buy outright, you will probably look for a commercial laundry which can clean and launder all of your own linen. Stamford Uniform and Linen is, indeed, a commercial laundry, but once you have found us you will realize that we can do so much more than just clean clothes and linen. We do EVERYTHING! Except, that is, laundry and dry cleaning for John Doe. (We have a sister company that takes care of that). We are strictly business to business, so we understand your needs and are proud to say that we offer everything that you could wish for. Certainly, we can clean and launder your own items, but it is so much simpler for you to rent them from us. Whatever your needs, we can take care of them, anywhere within 50 miles of Stamford. We can rent uniforms for you, together with table linen, kitchen towels, and whatever else you require. Our driver will pick up dirty uniforms and linen once a week, while delivering clean laundry back to you. It really couldn’t get any easier.

Not Just Stamford’s Best Commercial Laundry Service

We can also supply uniforms and linen with your logo on. Your logo is a distinct connection that your customers will recognize and associate with your business, so it is important that you have it on your uniforms and other items in order to foster customer loyalty. We also undertake dry cleaning. Whatever items you have that need dry cleaning rather than laundering can also be collected by our drivers, cleaned, and returned on your next delivery day. You might, for instance have heavy curtains, or even Persian rugs. Whatever it is, if it is made of some sort of fabric, Stamford Uniform and Linen can clean it. If it’s really urgent, we can often do it the same day; just give us a call or send an email – we’re here to help. We are fully aware that the success of our business depends on the success of yours. Trust Stamford Uniform and Linen to take very good care of you.