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When You Need a Linen Service in New York City, You Want a Caring Company, Not a Flashy One

When you are faced with choosing the best linen service for your New York City or Brooklyn restaurant, it is not an easy task. You want top quality, but you also want a service that is reliable and cost-effective from a company that cares about you. The “big boys” may have flashy ads and flashy marketing materials, but when it comes to little old you with your one, or perhaps two restaurants, you may find that they don’t really care. After all, they are big enough not to care if they lose a few customers through shoddy service.

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we are big enough to deliver on our promises, but we are also small enough to care. Indeed, we would care very much if we were to lose even one customer, because we know that our customers rely entirely on us to deliver the goods. If your staff uniforms don’t arrive on time and in perfect condition, it will have an effect on your business. Furthermore, as a restaurateur, you may also be the chef, and you don’t have the time to sit phoning up your suppliers because they have failed to do what you need.

We Should Operate In The Background

We know that you want the best linen service, and in our view that means that we should operate entirely in the background. We should arrive at the allotted time every week, or however often you require, deliver your fresh, clean uniforms and linens, collect the dirty ones, and disappear quietly into the background as though we had never been there. If you think about it, that is all you want from a uniform and linen service.

There is also a selfish factor here as well. We know that if we don’t deliver on our promises, you will take your business somewhere else. We can’t afford to lose customers, both from the point of view that it would harm our reputation and from the point of view of losing cash flow. We fought hard enough to get your business in the first place, and the last thing that we want to do is to lose it again!

Certainly, we run into problems from time to time, as any company does. But that’s not YOUR problem, it’s ours. Our directors are here on site every day, not sitting in a plush office a gazillion miles away or out on the golf course, so if we have a problem they are here to deal with it. If that means that one of them has to jump into a truck and do deliveries because a driver didn’t show up, then that’s what happens. You will never know about it, and that’s a promise.