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Midtown Has No Linen Supply Companies There, but Stamford Uniform Can Help

Midtown Manhattan is an island of skyscrapers in a city of skyscrapers. You wouldn’t think there would be linen supply companies in Midtown, and you’d be right. Quite honestly, we can’t afford the rent. At an average $32,000 per square meter in Fifth Avenue, if we were based there, we would have to charge you phenomenal prices, and you wouldn’t like that at all.

Yes, Midtown has some iconic buildings including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, the headquarters of the UN, Hudson Yards redevelopment project, and Times Square and Broadway as well. All of which, between them, generate a lot of linen which all needs cleaning, and renewal now and again. Yet not a Midtown NYC linen company in sight!

Well, Not Quite True

Well, that’s not quite true because if you look carefully you will see the trucks of Stamford Uniform and Linen in Midtown every day of the week. Yes, we are based in Stamford, which is less than 40 miles away and, we are pleased to say, the rents are a lot less than $32,000 a square meter! Which means that you don’t pay anything like you would if we were based next door. In fact, it’s fair to say that not only are we the best uniform and Midtown NYC linen company that isn’t in Midtown, we are also probably the least expensive, which is another very good reason indeed for getting all your uniforms and linens from us. Certainly, we are competitive with the “big boys” like Cintas and Aramark, and we are also small enough to care about our customers.

Yes, we can handle any size of business because we have the staff and equipment here to do it, but our directors are on the premises every day. If you have a problem or a query about anything, you can simply ring up and talk to one of the directors if you wish.

We will happily send our uniform specialist to meet you one on one in order to ascertain your requirements. How many napkins, tablecloths, chef uniforms, waiter aprons, barman’s uniforms, receptionist uniforms, and so on do you need cleaned? Do you own them, or do you want us to supply them? How often do you need them all collected and cleaned?

Once we know what you need, we will then prepare you a firm quotation that we are pretty sure will impress you, particularly if you are currently with one of the big names. Then if you like what we do and the way that we operate, we will simply collect and deliver as you require. It really couldn’t get any simpler – even if we were a Midtown NYC linen company right next door to you.