A chef in a white coat checks orders. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Restaurant Linens And Uniforms? It’s Smart To Rent in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is hot! Brooklyn is trendy! It seems that a new restaurant opens in Brooklyn almost every week, because it’s the “in” place to be and everyone wants to live there. Many Brooklyn residents don’t want to cook every evening when they get back from the office, so they dine out whenever they can, which is why enterprising restaurateurs cater for their needs.

Mexican, Italian, French, English, Spanish, and more, restaurants abound in Brooklyn, and many of them use our Brooklyn linen service because it makes their lives easier.

So Much To Do as a Brooklyn Restaurant

There is so much to do when you own a restaurant. Many customers do not realize just how much hard work and long hours go into it. If they come in for dinner at 8.00 they are only there for a couple of hours and they don’t know that you were up with the lark to go to market and that you have been working all day.

What’s more, it is one of those jobs where you are on your feet all day – you don’t get much time to sit down and take a rest. Yes, you might do your office work for an hour in the morning before you open, but after that it’s all go until an hour or so after you have closed for the night. And some restaurant owners do this seven days a week.

So anything that you can do to relieve the pressure has to be a good thing. Our Brooklyn linen service is one such, because we make all your staff uniforms and linen requirements as easy as they could be. In a restaurant you get through a LOT of table linen every week, and your waiters and bar staff have to look smart and clean in their uniforms.

Many Brooklyn restaurant owners have figured out that the smart thing to do with uniforms and linens is to rent them – not buy them.

Up-Front Investment: We Can Help with Your Linen Service Needs

If you buy them you have a huge up-front investment, but that’s not the end of it. You have to have everything dry cleaned and laundered every week, so you need at least two weeks supply. In fact, you need more than that, because if one of your waiters spills food on his uniform he has to change into a new one immediately, so you need two weeks supply plus some spares.

Our Brooklyn linen service takes away all of that overhead, because we supply all your uniforms and table linen, floor mats, and more, all complete with your logo and your brand colours. We deliver all your fresh, clean uniforms and linen once a week and collect the dirty ones for processing back in our plant in Stamford. All you do is pay an agreed monthly fee.

Now what could be simpler than that?