A stack of white linens. Elevate your table linens and uniforms with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Too Many Cooks and You’ll Need a Better NYC Linen Service

The old saying goes that too many cooks spoil the broth and it can be true. If you have too many people in a small kitchen they will keep tripping over each other and the food will get spoiled. You’ll also need more linen than you otherwise would.

The fact is – plain and simple – however many or few cooks you have, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your linen. That’s why you need us to take care of all that for you. We provide uniform rental and restaurant linen service throughout New York City and the towns around Stamford CT. In fact, Stamford is where we are based and we are recognized as the leading uniform and linen supplier in NYC as well, even though we are not in NYC!

Of course, that’s not quite accurate, as although our uniform hire center and laundry is in Stamford, our trucks are in NYC every day operating our restaurant linen service. We rent uniforms and linens with a weekly pick up anywhere within a fifty mile radius of Stamford. We are on time every time so that your staff will always look great.

Extremely Competitive Rates as a NYC Linen Service

What’s more, our rates are extremely competitive when compared with the “big boys” such as Aramark and Cintas. We pride ourselves on providing a much more personal service to our customers and our directors are on site every day. We take every care to ensure that our service is top notch, but if you ever have any questions all you need to do is call us and you can speak to a director of the company personally. We may not be the biggest but we’re the best and we are big enough to take care of all your requirements.

Whether you own your own linen or are renting from another company, or if you are just setting up your new restaurant, our linen service specialist will meet with you face to face to discuss your requirements. Pretty much every one of our restaurant customers has different needs from the next one and our restaurant linen service is designed to be adaptable and flexible enough to meet your standards.

We will create a free estimate tailored specifically for you and it will set out exactly what we will do for you and the services to be provided – uniform rental, mats, tablecloths, napkins, chef’s attire, and whatever you have asked us to provide. Then if you are happy with our quote we will simply pick up and deliver on whatever day you have decided every week. It really is that easy.