Joe's Pizza in Brooklyn. Proudly serving Brooklyn, New York and Connecticut with linen and commercial laundry services.

We Operate a Brooklyn Linen Service, But Not Just for Restaurants

Yes, we offer the finest Brooklyn linen service, but not just restaurants. Our linen service is for every Brooklyn business that has need of linens and uniforms on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, if you need linens you need us.

Why us?

Well, to begin with, we are not based in Brooklyn. We operate out of Stamford, where the rents are a whole lot lower than they are in Brooklyn, which means that our lovely Brooklyn customers get a much better rate than they can do from a business which is just around the corner and paying Brooklyn prices.

However, for all your Brooklyn linen and uniform needs we might as well be just around the corner, because we collect and deliver in Brooklyn every day of the week.

What Sort Of Businesses Use Us for Linen Service Needs?

What sort of businesses use Stamford Uniform and Linen? Almost every type of business that has a requirement for uniforms and/or linens.

For example, you run an auto repair business. Your mechanics’ uniforms get dirty – oil and grease go hand in hand with the business – yet you want your team to look smart all the time when your customers drop their cars off. We collect their uniforms every week, together with all those dirty towels from the washroom with grease all over them (it can’t be helped), take them back to Stamford, and lo and behold, next week they arrive back looking like brand new. You don’t need to worry HOW we do it; you just need to know THAT we do it.

What’s more, you have absolutely zero investment in the uniforms (or linen) because they belong to us. You want your logo on them? Of course you do – and that’s no problem. Your uniforms will promote YOUR brand even though technically they belong to us.

Any sort of business that needs linens and uniforms will save money, time, and a whole lot of hassle by outsourcing its’ linen and uniform requirements to us. Doctors and dentists offices, gyms, restaurants, deli’s, pizza houses, laboratories, veterinarians, engineering workshops, any big employers who run a staff canteen – they all outsource their linen and uniform requirements to us.

So yes, we love restaurants. However, our services are for everyone. Brooklyn linen service, but not just restaurants!