Joe's Pizza in Brooklyn. Proudly serving Brooklyn, New York and Connecticut with linen and commercial laundry services.

Living in New York City and Linen Supplies in New York City

New York, New York. How many times have you heard people say that it’s a nice place to visit “but I wouldn’t want to live there”? Don’t you get sick of that? We do too, even though we don’t live there ourselves. However, our trucks visit New York City every day as the #1 NYC linen service, but they “live” in Stamford, CT. Stamford is where our depot is and where we carry out all the work of cleaning and pressing your uniforms so that your staff look nothing short of impeccable at all times. Although we are based in Stamford, we service everywhere within 50 miles, covering all of New York and Connecticut. So no matter where you are you can get the best NYC linen service by far.

The whole point about a uniform and linen service is that it should just “happen”. It should be there in the background and the uniforms and linens should arrive on time every time so that you never have to worry about it, or for that matter even think about it. In our view, that is exactly how it should be. When you run a business, you have quite enough other things to worry about than whether or not your uniforms will be delivered when they should.

If you run a restaurant, not only do you need uniforms for your front of house staff, but you also need chef’s uniforms, and uniforms for other kitchen staff. On top of that, you need all the linens for your tables, so it can be quite a hassle. Furthermore, the “big boys” such as Aramark and Cintas are really not concerned with the small one-man business and don’t provide a quick and easy solution for deli’s, pizza restaurants, Chinese restaurants, and more. But at Stamford Uniform and Linen we do.

We’re A Small Business Too

We understand because we are a small business too. However, we are big enough to cope with all of your needs while still being small enough to care. We take the trouble to ensure that your uniforms and linens are delivered and collected on time every time, to the point that – if push comes to shove, and one of our drivers is off sick – one of our directors will get in the truck and take over. Now you won’t get that kind of service from Aramark or Cintas!

Furthermore, our directors are very “hands on” and in the office every day. That means that if ever you have any questions or want to alter your schedule you can ring up and speak to a director personally, not just some minion down the line. That’s another reason why our customers consider we are the best NYC linen service.