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Outsourcing Your Linen Services: Yes You Can New York City!

It’s true!

New Yorkers who are smart do their own thing. They are great at what they do but they don’t try to do everything.

Think about it. Do you do your own office cleaning at the end of the day? Of course, you don’t. Do you clean your own windows? No, you hire a window cleaner (especially if your office is on the 24th floor of a block!). Do you service your own car? Erm, no. If you run a fish restaurant, do you go fishing every morning?

You begin to get the idea. You run a great fish restaurant with innovative recipes and as a result a lot of people visit your restaurant, and you do a great trade. But you don’t go out catching fish. You leave that part to fishermen who have fishing boats and know how to catch fish. It’s called outsourcing.

So if you run a medical facility, or a restaurant, or any other type of business in New York that needs clean linens on a regular basis, why do your own laundry? It makes no sense at all. If you operate a medical practice, why would you try to do your own linens and uniforms? You are far better off, and will earn more money, doing what you do best, and outsourcing your laundry to our commercial laundry service in New York City and NY at Stamford Uniform & Linen.

It’s What We Do: Linens and Uniforms

That is what we are here for. It’s what we do. And believe us, we don’t clean our office once a week. Nor do we service our boilers. We get specialists to do that bit. We concentrate on what we do best which is commercial laundry service in New York City and NY.

That is why our customers get their laundry on time every time exactly when they need it, without having to worry about it, do it themselves, find a staff member has gone sick with Covid-19 and can’t be there to tackle the laundry, and more.

Let’s face it, you probably could do your own laundry. But you are better off doing what you do best and getting paid for it. You don’t get paid a cent for doing your own laundry. It’s an overhead.

Certainly, at Stamford Linen, when you outsource your laundry to us as a commercial laundry service in New York City and NY, we are an overhead as well. But if you sit down and do the sums you will find that it costs you a lot less to use our services than going down the DIY route, for the simple reason that we are geared up to handle quantity. We have trucks that run specific routes on certain days so that you can be certain that your laundry is there when you need it. And if one of our workers goes sick, we make certain it will never affect our customers. Your laundry will be there on time. That’s a promise.

It’s what we do.