Two women wearing uniforms while bartending. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

It’s a Far Better Idea to Rent Employee Uniforms Than Buy Them

When you need employee uniforms, you have to make the decision whether to rent them or buy them. Years ago, you would not have had a choice: you’d have to have them designed and created and pay for them yourself. That’s a big outlay, especially if you change the style from time to time. Then you have to arrange for dry cleaning or laundering, which is another constant hassle. It’s just one more headache on top of all the other worries you have when running a business.

Uniform Rental Service and Clean Linen Has All Changed

However, today that has all changed with the advent of companies such as Stamford Uniform and Linen, who will design and create all your employee uniforms and then simply rent them to you.

It makes a huge difference. When you invest a large sum of capital outlay in employee uniforms, you “own” the problem. If an employee gets his or her uniform torn or dirty – however it happens (it might not even be on your premises, but on the way to work) – it’s not his or her problem. It’s your problem. You also have to arrange for frequent dry cleaning or laundering.

When you rent your employee uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen, we “own” the problem. There is no capital outlay, and you don’t have to organize dry cleaning and laundry because we do all that.

Uniform Rental is the Same as Renting Your Business Premises

It is much the same as renting your showroom or other business premises. You probably don’t own them. You simply pay rent to a landlord. When something goes wrong and water gushes through the ceiling because of a burst pipe, it’s the landlord’s problem, not yours. You just pay the rent.

You maybe don’t own your car, but lease it. When it needs a service or any other attention, it’s not your problem. You just drive it to the appointed auto repair shop, and the leasing company picks up the bill for whatever needs to be done.

The Fewer Things To Worry About, The Better – Stamford Linen

These days, the fewer things you have to worry about when running your business, the better. Renting your employee uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen is just plain, old fashioned common sense.

It’s not just uniforms that we rent, either. You can rent any type of linen from us, which can all be decorated with your business name or logo. Tablecloths, towels, aprons, mats – you name it, we rent it.

When you think of employee uniforms, the first name that springs to mind should be Stamford Uniform and Linen.