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Brooklyn Business Owners: Smart Enough To Outsource Their Linens

Business owners in Brooklyn are smart. You have to be in order to survive, because you have serious competition. And we’re going to tell you in a moment WHY we think you’re smart.

But first, take a walk with us back to the 1950s. This was just after the Second World War when DIY started to become fashionable. DIY then meant saving money by doing things yourself. Mostly, this was doing things around the home like painting and decorating, but it spread to becoming your own car mechanic, building your own garden wall, and a whole host of other things.

A Complete Mess

Some people got quite good at certain DIY jobs, but a whole lot more made a complete mess of things because they weren’t experts at the job (you can say that again!) and the awful results were there for all to see. In fact, many people finished up spending far MORE on a job because they had made a mess of it, wasted hours of their spare time, and then had to call in an expert to sort out the mess when they could have had them do the job in the first place!

Gradually, over the ensuing years, the whole thing has gone full circle and we have now reached the stage where the buzzword is “outsourcing.”


It’s no longer DIY, it’s GSETDIFY. Get Someone Else To Do It For You!

This is where Brooklyn business owners have become smart. You are a great chef and you own a restaurant. We are rubbish at cooking, so we get someone else to do it for us – in this case you.

At the same time, you recognize that while all of your house uniforms and linens need regular cleaning, you have neither the time nor the expertise to do it as well and as fast as we do. You’re great at cooking and rubbish at laundry, while we’re great at laundry and rubbish at cooking.

Outsource It: Outsource Your Brooklyn Linen Service Needs to us

This is why you realize that your best bet is to OUTSOURCE your laundry to a Brooklyn linen service like us and let us take that drudge of a job off your hands.

After all, when you are cooking seven days a week, have you got the time to do the laundry as well? We reckon probably not. So our Brooklyn linen service saves you time AND money, because you can now spend your time doing what you do best which makes you money, rather than doing a chore which you don’t want to do in the first place when you could be cooking.

Yes, we know Brooklyn business people are smart, which is why our Brooklyn linen service workload in the city is increasing all the time.

Talk to us on (203) 504-3111 or email info@stamfordlinen.com. There. We knew you were smart!

By the way, can we book a table for six on Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m.?