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New York City Linen Service? or NYC Linen Service? It’s more NYC (Believe it or Not)

It’s a fact: residents and business people in New York – especially those in Manhattan – don’t go on to Google and search for things in New York – they search for things in NYC. In fact, as far as they are concerned there is no such place as New York.

Here’s what’s even funnier: when they search for something like NYC linen service they will find us – Stamford Uniform and Linen. The funny bit is that we aren’t even in New York, or NYC – we’re in Stamford and that’s in CT. We’re Connecticutters – if that is even a word!

However, the important point is that if you run a business in NYC and you need an NYC linen service and uniform rental (and what business doesn’t in the 21st century?) we have you covered. Sure, we may physically be in Stamford – 141, Cove Road, if you want to pay us a visit – but you don’t have to because we will come to you. In fact, it’s fair to say that most of our customers have never been to Cove Road for the simple reason there is no need to. It’s just where our business is and where we operate. As far as our coverage is concerned it is anywhere within 50 miles of Stamford.

Good News For Business Owners In NYC and CT

That’s good news for business owners in NYC and CT, especially restaurants. Our business is run on a personal basis – we’re not one of those multi-nationals that are so impersonal – but we keep it tight so that we can ensure that every last one of our customers gets the service that they deserve, which is what we would expect if it were the other way around and we were the customer. We are big enough to service all your needs in NYC and CT but small enough to care. Yes we know that’s a trite saying, but we mean it. That is how our business is so successful: it’s because we respect our customers and look after them rather than viewing them purely as a source of income. That is how you treat your customers and you deserve the same.

Whatever your requirements for an NYC linen service for your business we are here to help. From design ideas and including your logo on everything that you wish, our purpose is to provide you with service that cannot be beaten anywhere and by anyone. Once you begin to use us you will very rapidly understand that your linen and uniforms will be with you when we say they will – come rain or come shine. That’s one less thing that you have to worry about.