A chef in a striped apron preps food. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

The BEST Linen Rental Service In NYC Isn’t In NYC. It’s In Stamford, CT!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the BEST NYC linen service isn’t in NYC. It’s up the road a few miles in Stamford CT. That’s why we are called Stamford Uniform and Linen, because we are based here. However, that doesn’t mean that we only serve Stamford. Oh no! We serve everywhere within a 50 mile radius so wherever your business is in NYC you can have the best rather than settling for the mediocre.

You’ll see our trucks on the streets of NYC on a daily basis because so many NYC businesses rely on us for prompt delivery of their linen needs. Whatever kind of business you operate, if you need linens and uniforms you want to know that your chosen NYC linen service is going to be reliable. We know that it’s a nightmare when you need towels, or napkins, or tablecloths that don’t arrive when they are supposed to. If you run a restaurant how can you serve your customers if the napkins have run out? If you run a gym, how can you manage without fresh towels? The simple answer is that you can’t.

Over-Supply of Linens? Under Supply of Quality Linen Services!

Furthermore, you need to have an over-supply because if you get a sudden surge in customers you need to be certain that you have enough of everything in stock until your next regular delivery. However, even with the best forward planning, it is still possible to run short of something. That’s another benefit of our NYC linen service. If you have that sudden surge in customers (always a pleasure) and it looks as though you may run short of anything before your next regular delivery, all you need to do is pick up the phone. We’ll rush more linen to you to make certain that you won’t run out.

Whatever type of business you run, if you need linens and uniforms we can supply them. It is always best to rent them because you don’t have to make a huge outlay just when you are starting a business, which is always a difficult time because no matter how forward-thinking you may be there is always something that hasn’t been allowed for and needs to be purchased. So the less you can spend on things such as linens and uniforms the better. It also means that you don’t have to replace things when they begin to wear, because that’s our job too.

So with our linen and uniform service for NYC all that you do is pay the rental and leave everything else to us.