A waiter in a black and white uniform pours a glass of wine. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Linens and Larchmont: ‘L’ Means Everything Linens

We love Larchmont, NY! Among the reasons we love Larchmont is, literally, just the love of saying “Larchmont” not to mention the real reasons that this small New York town is both quaint and within commuting distance of New York City. What we’re finding over time is that many businesses in Larchmont – especially those that use linens, such as restaurants – come to us for superior linen services. So if you live or work in Larchmont, and you’re looking for a linen service, here are some reasons to give us the opportunity to serve you for your linen rental and linen service needs.

  • First and foremost, we’re a small business and we love small businesses. The “big boys” of linen service (who shall remain nameless) have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to linen. We’re not like that – we’re a small business and we really care about (your) small businesses. Birds of a feather flock together (or at least they should).
  • Secondly, our customer service is incredible for linens. Our main plant is in Stamford, CT, just up the road, and so we can distribute to anywhere in Larchmont as our trucks make daily runs. We can turn on a dime and provide the kinds of linens that you need, whatever your restaurant needs.
  • Third, our quality is second to none. We work very hard to get out each and every stain, and to press the linens with our state-of-the-art machinery. We want your business to look fabulous, and that’s why many of the finest restaurants in Larchmont, use Stamford Uniform and Linen as their premier linen service.

Finally, I want to talk a bit about a service that really makes us stand out. We do a free contract analysis of your existing linen service. Whether you’re satisfied or not with your current linen service provider, call us and our Chief Executive Officer, Paul McDonald, will personally come to your office in Larchmont and overview your contract and linen needs at not cost to you. He’ll help you understand what you’re paying for and why, plus by working with you he’ll have the information he needs to provide the proverbial “no obligation quote.” So if you’re looking for a uniform and linen rental service in Larchmont, NY, or you’re ready for a competitive analysis so you can switch, contact us today. We lllllooove Lllllllarchmont!