A chef in a black apron plates a dish. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

If You Need Uniform and Linen Services in New York City, the Biggest Companies are not Always Best

Big isn’t necessarily better, thought that may run against the grain for New Yorkers, residents of the biggest city in the USA. Big may be better, but not always. It’s certainly not true of NYC linen companies: at Stamford Uniform and Linen we’re not the biggest, but we are the best. That’s true, even though we are not actually in New York. But then, no linen company is based in New York because of the sky-high rents. However, we do service all of New York and we are there every day delivering freshly laundered linens and smartly pressed uniforms to our many customers. Because we are not paying New York rents, we can do it at affordable prices too.

In fact, although we are not one of the biggest NYC linen companies, we are certainly heading in that direction, because we are getting more and more new customers in the city. A lot of these new customers are coming to us by way of referral from existing customers, and we are finding that many of them are fed up with the big companies and the way they have been treated. Linens and uniforms don’t arrive on the day they should do, and the pricing is not cheap either.

They Have To Be There On The Due Day

When you need uniforms and linens delivered, they simply have to be there on the due day because you can’t have staff in dirty uniforms, and if you run a restaurant you have to change the tablecloths and napkins. If you own a gym, you can’t simply apologize to your members because there aren’t any towels. These are the sort of problems that have been reported to us by new customers who are transferring their business to us.

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, although we are not the biggest of the NYC linen companies, we are big enough to handle the workload, and we are small enough to care about our customers. This is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that your uniforms and linens arrive on time every time, no matter what problems we may have faced internally. Yes, as with any business, we do get problems from time to time, but they are not YOUR problem. You don’t care if we have a problem of some sort – you just want your linens and uniforms on time, and that’s quite right too. It’s exactly the way it should be.

So at Stamford Uniform and Linen we don’t make excuses: we make promises, and we keep to them. Our directors are here on site, not stuck in a plush office 300 miles away, and if you have any concerns or questions you can ring and talk to a director in person.