Two women wearing uniforms while bartending. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Being the Top Linen Supply Company in New York NY and Not Just For Restaurants

There are several linen services supplying businesses in NYC, some of them very big and uncaring. Oh yes, they’ll tell you they care, but just see how it works out in practice. We couldn’t begin to tell you all the stories we’ve heard in the eight years since we started in business. Some of them are absolute nightmares. That is the very reason that we set up in business back in 2010. We saw the need for a business local to NYC and CT that was big enough to handle the work, yet at the same time actually cares about its’ customers. Our aim was to be the best NYC linen service and that is exactly what we have achieved.

We really do care about our customers because our success is only going to happen when our customers succeed. When you run any sort of business that deals with the public face-to-face, you need your staff to look sharp at all times. You don’t want them wearing uniforms that have got dirty and you are unable to replace them because the supplier didn’t deliver on the right day. Indeed, some of our customers work from offices where they don’t physically meet their customers, yet they still have their staff wear a uniform because it makes them feel part of a team and that way they will work better.

Another point about wearing uniforms is that you can have different uniforms for different levels of management, and that too makes for better workers because they all want that “manager’s” uniform.

Critical To Success: A Linen Supply Company the Gets New York, NY

However, most of our customers who reckon we are the best NYC linen service do meet their customers face to face, and having fresh, clean uniforms delivered on time every time is critical to their success. Most businessmen and women have quite enough on their plates to worry about, without worrying about whether or not the uniforms and linen will arrive on time. If you run a restaurant, for example, as many of our customers do, you simply have to have clean table linen no matter what. We have heard stories from restaurant owners who, before they came to us, have had to rush out and buy fresh linen because their own simply didn’t show up when it was supposed to.

As far as we are concerned, your linen service should simply be “there”. It should run quietly in the background so that, basically, you can forget about it, not fret about it. As the best NYC linen service, we know that is what our customers require, and that is exactly what we deliver.