A chef in a striped apron serves plated sandwiches. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Manhattan Restaurant Linen And Uniform Rental Service

If you own, or are about to open, a Manhattan restaurant, of whatever type – Chinese, Indian, Italian, upscale, downscale, expensive, inexpensive – you will obviously be aware that your uniforms and linen are a major part of your success. Staff need to look immaculate at all times, as do your tables – mats, napkins, table cloths, and so on – if you want your customers to return to you time and again.

When you first open a Manhattan restaurant, you really do not need the expense of purchasing all of your uniforms and linen, so it makes much more sense to rent them from a reliable source. You need to know that your linens and uniforms will be collected on time, and delivered on time, every time.

Furthermore, you want a service which is competitively priced. The lower you can keep your costs for uniform and linen rental, the more you add to your bottom line – simple as that.

In addition, you need a service that is going to return your uniforms and linen in pristine condition every time.

Manhattan Restaurants: Rejoice, Cheaper Linen and Uniform Service Has Arrived

So why should you consider using a service that is not based locally in Manhattan? To begin with, Stamford Uniform and Linen are based in Stamford, CT (as you might expect from the name) so our overheads are lower than other businesses in the same line of work. This means that our costs are ultra-competitive with the “big boys” such as Cintas and Aramark.

Second, we are a small family run firm, owned by Paul McDonald and his wife, together with Paul’s brother Jason. As such, we have a hands-on approach, and oversee the day to day running of our business. We get to know our customers personally, and they know that we are there for them to talk to us at any time if they need help. The bigger firms often fail to provide great customer service to the little independents. Even if you already have a linen rental service, you may find it difficult getting to talk to them if you have a problem

As a family run firm, we believe that our greatest strength is taking the best possible care of every customer, large or small.

This is why we extended our services to Manhattan restaurants, to rave reviews by our new customers. We will set up a no obligation meeting with you so that we understand your requirements exactly, since only that way can we tailor a plan to your specific needs. We need to know how many waiters uniforms, chef uniforms, table cloths, napkins etc., you need cleaned and how often you need them cleaned. Do you already own them, or would you like to rent them from us?

Do you need your logo on the uniforms and/or linen? It goes without saying that you can have whatever you want. Once we have this information, we can then prepare an estimate for you, so that you know what we will do for you, how, when, and most importantly the cost.

Consider a Non-Manhattan Linen and Uniform Service: We’re Cheaper

If you decide to use our services at Stamford Uniform and Linen, you are guaranteed a completely no hassle service at the best possible rate. Contact us for a free estimate or contract analysis!