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Many of the Hippest and Best New Restaurants Are in Brooklyn, Not Manhattan

Brooklyn is booming! And it’s not just population or brand image. It’s the restaurant scene. Here’s a secret – many of the best and hippest restaurants are no longer opening in Manhattan but rather in Brooklyn. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we know, as we service many of the top Brooklyn restaurants with best-in-class linen services. We can do the same for your restaurant too.

Running a restaurant is not an easy business, especially if you are the chef as well as the owner, which many restaurateurs are. You may have to be up early in the morning to go to market and select fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh fish, meats, and so on, from whatever is available on the day. Then you have to take them back to your restaurant and start preparing them. You may open for lunch for a couple of hours.

Then you might, or might not, get an hour or two off until it is time to prepare for the evening. Cooking all night, until you get towards closing time. Then everything has to be washed up, dried, put away, and so on. You may have to sit down and do the books. Then it’s time for a couple of stiff drinks and off to bed. Tomorrow, you have to do it all again. And, of course, many restaurants open seven days. Sure, you can make a lot of money, but it’s not an easy life.

We Understand This – We’re a Brooklyn Linen Service

As we are a Brooklyn linen service, we see and understand all this. We also understand that as your Brooklyn linen service you need us to operate perfectly from your point of view. Your uniforms and linens should turn up on the day they are supposed to, because you are too busy to have to worry about them because they haven’t arrived on time, and you need clean tablecloths so that the tables are ready for lunch. You can’t use yesterday’s. We always look at things from our customer’s point of view – yours – and what you want is a Brooklyn linen service that operates seamlessly in the background. That is what we provide.

We are a small enough business to care about our customers. We know that your profitability and your reputation relies on us to do our part of the job on time every time, with no excuses. Yes, as with any other business, we do suffer problems from time to time, but they are our problems, not yours. You don’t even want to know about them, let alone have them used as an excuse for failing to deliver. So we make certain that, above all else, we deliver when you need us.