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There Is a Difference Between a Linen Supply Company and a Linen Supply Service

When you open a restaurant in Westchester County, one of the most vital considerations is your linens. Certainly, it’s an overhead, but then so is the food that you purchase and the wages of your kitchen and front of house staff. However, do you want a restaurant linen supply company in Westchester County or a linen service?

A restaurant linen supply company in Westchester County – and there are several of them – does just that: it sells you the linens. You buy them and they are yours. However, a linen service company doesn’t sell you anything: it rents you your linens. Now there are several advantages to this.

Obviously, if you use a restaurant linen supply company in Westchester County and buy your linens from them – and uniforms, of course – you then have to find some way of having them laundered and cleaned so that your staff always has fresh and clean apparel, and your customers have clean tablecloths, napkins, and so on. All of which are essentials for the success, or otherwise, of your business. And, naturally, there are laundries and dry cleaners who will do this for you. Of course, you don’t know how reliable they will be until you start to use them.

We Provide A SERVICE

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we are a service. That means that while we supply you your linens and uniforms, we don’t sell them to you. They belong to us and will continue to do so. Now there is one great big advantage there straight away because you don’t have a huge investment in linens and uniforms at a time when, if you are just about to open your restaurant in Westchester County, you probably have quite enough on your plate as it is (forgive the accidental pun!). But you know what we mean.

We rent you your linens and uniforms and we provide continual and ongoing service. That means that we collect them every week, or whenever you require, and we deliver them back again at the same time next week freshly laundered or dry cleaned as appropriate.

And no, we are not like the “big boys” about whom you have no doubt heard horror stories of linens not only failing to arrive on time, but getting lost, sent to the wrong restaurant, and more.

We are a relatively small business, and our directors are on site every day of the week. That means that we give personal attention to detail and ensure that your linens arrive when they should do. We operate in the background so that you never even have to think about it. We have always believed that your linens should simply “happen” – and the good news is that, with us, that is what happens.