A commercial laundry operation. Simplify your commercial laundry with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Stamford Linen Is the Best CT Commercial Laundry Service

When you run a small business in Connecticut there are always a lot of jobs that need to be done which are necessary to keep your business going but don’t actually make you any money. Furthermore, they take time to complete – time when you could be doing something far more useful. This is why it pays to outsource a lot of those jobs so that you can concentrate on doing things which will increase your turnover and ultimately your profits. And let’s face it: we are all in business to make a profit.

There are a lot of businesses in Connecticut – according to the latest federal data there are 322,805 small businesses to be precise. And a lot of those businesses need uniforms for their staff and many of them use linens as well. Now the thing about uniforms and linens is that they must be kept clean. OK, it is possible to take your staff uniforms to the local dry cleaner every week and you might even take the towels from the staff bathroom home and wash them in your machine yourself.

Another Job That Doesn’t Earn You A Cent!

But hey – what have you just done? You have given yourself another one of those dead-end time-consuming jobs that don’t earn you a cent! Why not just outsource the whole lot to a commercial laundry service in Connecticut?

At Stamford Uniform and Linen we are the best commercial laundry service in Connecticut, and we can supply all the uniforms that you need for your staff and all of the linens that you need for your business. We collect the dirty ones and deliver fresh spanking-clean uniforms and linens every week on the dot. That means that you never have to worry about whether or not you will have enough tablecloths and napkins for your restaurant and uniforms for your wait staff, or whatever business you run, because with our service we make certain that we never miss a beat.

Furthermore, we are right on your doorstep – not based in some far-flung city and run by directors who probably spend more time out on the golf course than in the office. Our directors are right here on site every day and make certain that everything runs smoothly. Sure, like most businesses we have the occasional hiccup but if that means that our directors have to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, that’s what happens. We never let it affect our deliveries. In fact, we can tell you that you will never even know that we had an issue. Your laundry and uniforms will be there on time, every time.

That’s why we are known as the best commercial laundry service in Connecticut.