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Stamford Linen Offers “No Contract” Linen Services for Your Restaurant

When you run a restaurant in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or one of the other boroughs of New York City, one of the major considerations is your linen and uniforms service. What you need is a linen service that runs silently in the background and turns up every week on time and with no excuses. Let’s face it, if your linens don’t arrive when they should do, and you suddenly run out of napkins and tablecloths, you can’t even open your door.

Now if you deal with the “big boys” they have some onerous conditions in their contracts that try to tie you in for life. You can get in, but you can’t get out! No matter how poor the service may be.

No Contract Linen Services for New York City Restaurants

We don’t see things that way at Stamford Uniform & Linen. We offer a “no contract” linen service for restaurants in NYC and Westchester County, and any restaurants within 50 miles of Stamford Connecticut, and we do so for a good reason.

Why a “no contract” linen service for restaurants? It is really quite simple. We believe that if we provide you with a great service at unbeatable prices, you will never want to leave us anyway! Furthermore, it gives you, the restaurant owner, the confidence to take us at our word, knowing full well that if we let you down in any way whatsoever you can simply walk away. That should also give you confidence that we will, indeed, provide you with superb service because you know that we know that too!

Fair To Both Sides

That is the way we think that things should be. It is fair to both sides, and in particular to you. So with us, you are never tied in to anything at all – not ever.

We provide you with service which is nothing short of superb, so that your uniforms and linens arrive bang on time, every time. If you choose to rent from us, you can have your logo on anything and everything from tablecloths and napkins, to uniforms, to your door mats. This all helps to promote your brand to your customers.

Furthermore, as a family-run business, our directors are right here on site every day. If you have any queries you can talk to a director. Not only that, but if something goes wrong here at our depot – and it can happen occasionally – our directors simply roll up their sleeves and get stuck in so that nothing prevents your uniforms and linens arriving on time. In fact, if we do have some sort of internal issue, you will never know about it.

That’s why we are happy to offer you our “no contract” linen service for restaurants, and why you should be happy too.