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If You are Looking for the Best NYC Laundry Service, it’s in Stamford

There are a lot of businesses that generate a lot of linens – businesses such as restaurants, hospitals, gyms, dentists, and so on – and they need a NYC commercial laundry service that can cope with the demand and come in at a reasonable cost. Well, guess what? The best NYC commercial laundry service is actually in Stamford, CT, and comes into NYC on a daily basis via an army of trucks. Yes, at Stamford Uniform and Linen we are in NYC every day of the week and we provide an unrivalled commercial laundry service at a very competitive rate.

We can do this precisely because we are a local company. We’re based in Stamford, and we just cover a radius of 50 miles, so we cover all of NYC, but we are not like the big boys who have a head office a million miles away. We just have the one site and our directors are here every day so that they can control everything that happens, and make sure that it happens when it is supposed to.

So when things go wrong – as they do on occasion – nobody has to phone head office and try to get some sort of an answer as to what to do about it. Our directors are here, and their job is to direct. Something goes wrong and a decision is made about it here, on the spot.

You Will Never Know in New York, NY

As our customer in NYC you won’t hear about our problem, and you won’t even know we have had one. All you want is for your laundry to turn up on time, perfectly finished. If that means that one of our directors has to roll his sleeves up and pick up an iron, that’s what happens. It’s not exactly rocket science.

Yet, from what we regularly hear of certain other companies, their customers seem to be getting excuses, late deliveries, and they are paying through the nose for it too. Let’s face it: ours is a pretty mundane sort of business, but all you want is for it to work, so that your laundry arrives when it should, rather than having to listen to a string of excuses when you phone up because it hasn’t. Our principle is, and always has been, that we should operate silently in the background, and the only time you ever see us is when our driver arrives on time every week, or whenever, with your delivery.

That’s why we are the best NYC commercial laundry service, because we make very certain that is what happens.