A table set with white and cream linens. Elevate your table linens with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

New York City Uniforms and Linens? We Gotcha Covered

Owning and running a restaurant in New York is an important contribution to the lifestyle of the city. However, it is no easy task. We can assist your restaurant with high quality uniforms and provide you with an easy way to clean your linens. We are the No. 1 restaurant linen service in New York City (and we aren’t in NYC). There are a hundred and one things to think about, and tasks to undertake every working day.

If you are the chef, you can be on duty for hours at a time. You have to consider the menus, order supplies, order wines and spirits, make certain that the cleaner turns up on time every day (and if they don’t, you have to clean the restaurant yourself), employ kitchen staff, employ waiters – and that’s just the start.

If you are front of house, you are the head waiter, bartender, and maitre d’. You have to smile and be pleasant at all times, especially to people who complain about the food, the way it is cooked, the wine that is not cold enough, etc.

Then, when you have closed for the night, you have to sit down and do all the paperwork, cash up, turn off the lights. Finally you can go home, only to have to do it all over again tomorrow.

New York Restaurant’s Uniform & Linen Service

As we said, running a restaurant in New York is not easy. The more jobs that you can delegate, the better.

One thing that you can offload is taking care of all the linen. With our NYC linen service, you don’t have to think about tablecloths, napkins, waiters uniforms, floor mats, or anything to do with linen at all, because we take all that off your hands. We are based in Stamford, CT, but we do runs to NYC on a daily basis, and we service a lot of restaurants.

It is just so much easier to rent all of your linens and uniforms. You save money on the capital cost, and we collect, clean, and return to you as often as you wish.

Taking care of all the linens and uniforms when running a restaurant can be a real hassle. You get through a lot of tablecloths and napkins in the course of a day, and if you own them you also have to store them somewhere.

However, when you use our NYC linen service you get rid of a big worry. Your linens simply arrive, spotlessly clean, as and when you need them on the day that you need them.

Spotless Linens & Clean Linen Service for NYC Restaurant

As a small business ourselves, we hear some horror stories about the big linen companies like Cintas and Aramark. Linens don’t arrive when they are supposed to. You get linens that are not yours. Their van driver goes sick, and you don’t get your linens at all.

With our NYC linen service, you simply do not have to worry about anything. If our van driver goes sick and that means one of our directors has to drive the van, then that’s what happens. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we know you want service above everything else. That’s’ what you get.