A stack of weights. Stamford Uniform and Linen serves gyms across New York and Connecticut.

Running a Gym Can Be Hard Work, Let Us Handle Your Uniform Rentals

Many people imagine that owning a Greenwich, CT gym is easy. Providing uniforms for your employees can sometimes be a struggle as the boss running a local gym. If you are a gym owner, then you’ll know it’s not. You have to put in long hours, because you need to be open whenever your members want you to be open.

For some people that will be nine in the morning. Others will want to have their workout at ten at night. The busy workout crowd comes home from a long day in NYC and hits the gym, and you have to be there for them.

Of course, you have to have some time off yourself, so that means that you need to employ staff, with all of the hassle that incurs. There is also a big up front cost because of all the equipment you need to provide.

Uniform Rentals – Makes Your Life Easier

Anything that you can delegate to someone else to do will simply make your life easier.

One of the things that you can delegate is all of your laundry. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we can take care of all your needs for towels, linen, uniforms, mats and more. We already service a lot of gyms – not just in Greenwich, but within a 50 mile radius of Stamford where we are based, so we understand that as a gym owner you don’t want to have to worry about whether you have enough clean towels.

With us, that’s one less thing that you need to worry about. You can rent everything from us, which saves you a lot on capital outlay. We simply collect used towels, linens, and uniforms, clean and launder them, and return to you. No hassle, no fuss, and no wondering if your towels will arrive when they are due. They will.

Service Is Important – Employee Uniforms for Your Gym

As a small business ourselves, we know and understand that when you need a linen service for a Greenwich, CT, gym, the important word is service. We have heard some horror stories about some of the “big boys” in the linen hire business – towels not arriving on time or even not arriving at all. Then you have to spend ages on the phone trying to discover where they are, and whether or not you will get them today. Then six o’clock arrives and in comes the busy workout crowd after a long day poring over a computer in New York, and you still have no towels!

The way we see things, towels and linens are not something that a gym owner should even have to think about. They should just “happen”. So we make sure that they do.

That keeps you happy and your members happy. That way you’ll keep using our service, and that makes us happy too.

That’s what service should be about: everybody happy.