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We’re the top commercial laundry service in New York City, working hard to be the best and stay the best linen service and uniform rental service for hard-working New York businesses.

As a commercial laundry, we serve businesses in New York City (NYC, including Brooklyn) and to the North (New York and Connecticut suburbs such as Stamford and Greenwich, CT). As one of the best linen services in NYC and its suburbs, we service Connecticut and New York businesses ranging from restaurants to health care to nursing homes to automotive shops to dealers for their uniform and linen needs. In fact, we’re known as the best restaurant linen supply company in NYC and Brooklyn and we aren’t even in NYC! And if you’re looking for a mat rental service, we can help you with that, too. We are:

  • A top-rated UNIFORM SERVICE, helping your employees to look their best in clean, comfortable uniforms day in and day out.
  • A top-rated LINEN SERVICE, helping businesses from restaurants to hospitals, doctor’s offices to medical centers, gyms to bodegas with napkins, towels, chef aprons, floor mats and every other item of cloth necessary to make your small business run smoothly and efficiently, and look GREAT for customers. If you’re looking for a linen supply company for restaurants, we’re eager to please you.
  • SPANISH- AND PORTUGUESE-SPEAKING BUSINESS, offering friendly, in-language services to vendors of all types throughout New York and Connecticut
  • SMALL BUSINESS THAT CARES, small enough to care but BIG ENOUGH to deliver high-volume, affordable UNIFORM and LINEN RENTAL SERVICES to your business
Best Linen Cleaning Service

Our linen service operates in towns near Stamford, CT including Greenwich, New Canaan, and Westport with uniform rentals and linen service options. We service New York towns including Hartsdale, Larchmont, and even White Plains NY with the best NY uniform and linen rental service.

We act as a linen supply company for New York City (NYC), including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. We specialize in restaurant linens (including towels, table cloths, aprons, etc.) but can service any business that needs linens, uniforms, towels, etc., on a regular basis. Whatever your uniform or linen needs are, you deserve to work with a top-rated linen company: one small enough to care, and big enough to handle your business needs.

Call us at 203-504-3111 or send us an email. Free estimates and Free Contract Analysis!

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Featured Service Lines

– We provide uniform rentals for restaurants throughout CT and NY.
– Uniform rentals for businesses such as health care, auto shops, nursing homes, etc
– Uniform and linen laundry services for businesses big or small.
We are a full service linen rental / linen service serving CT and NY.
Looking for a full service uniform service in CT and NY?
Uniform or rental contract up for renewal? Free analysis!

We service Connecticut and New York businesses
ranging from restaurants to health care to nursing homes
to automotive shops to dealers for their uniform and linen needs

Uniform Rentals & Uniform Rental Service

If you are like most business owners, you want your employees to look sharp.  Outsourcing your uniform rental needs to Stamford Uniform and Linen is a smart decision, because we are experts in uniform rental, we are local, and we are a small business – eager to service you and your employees, eager to provide the friendly customer service that larger competitors like Aramark or Cintas cannot.

July, 2020 – Looking Past the Coronavirus

“This too shall pass.” We’re hopeful that the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is behind us, and that businesses in the greater New York City area including Westchester County and Connecticut will be able to get back to work! We look forward to the re-opening of restaurants in a safe fashion as well as solidifying the clients we have made in the emergency linen service, healthcare linen service, and medical linen supply or commercial laundry business. Stay safe! We want to alert our customers that we service doctor’s offices (physicians, pediatricians, OB/GYN’s, etc.) as well a dermatologists or optometrist / opthalmologists. Nursing homes are increasingly turning to us for help and we even have ISO GOWNS as an ISO GOWN supplier (call for details!).

A Professional Linen Service and Linen Supply Company for NYC – Emergency Linen Service

Linen Service in New York, NY (NYC)If you are like most New York and Connecticut business owners, whether that be a hospital or doctor’s office, a healthcare or medical business, or perhaps a busy pizzeria or Bodeaga, you are busy enough running your successful business in the Connecticut or New York Metro areas. Whether you are in Greenwich, Stamford, New Haven or anywhere in the Connecticut suburbs of New York City or whether you are in Port Chester, White Plains, Yonkers or elsewhere in the suburbs north of New York City, just running your business (medical office, Doctor’s office, etc.) is difficult enough. We assist you by providing one of the best, if not the best, linen services. We rent napkins, tablecloths, floor mats, chef uniforms, aprons – anything and everything that is made of cloth to make your restaurant clean and professional for your customers. It’s one less hassle for you as the restaurant manager or owner! We’re known as the best linen supply company for restaurants in the area. We LOVE businesses in Brooklyn and New York City and are the #1 linen supply company in New York in terms of customer satisfaction.

Amazing Customer Service, Yes in New York City, Yes in Connecticut

We hear so many complaints from business owners about the hassles of dealing with “the big boys” of uniforms, linens, and floor mats. New Yorkers aren’t known for their customer service, either. We service businesses small and large, but we never forget our roots: the small business community around Stamford. We provide amazing customer service, both in the uniform and in the linen rental business. So your business just got easier. Outsource your uniform and/or linen needs to us. You’ll be glad you did!

We offer a range of other services including –

  • Every aspect of linens, including napkins, tablecloths, aprons and all aspects of restaurant linens.
  • Linen service for all types of businesses, both large and small. We’re experts in healthcare and medical, government and universities, and any and all businesses that are seeking linen services.
  • Emergency Linen Service – we’re there to help in an “emergency.” Our commercial laundry services are second to none, and we can help governments, FEMA, the military, state agencies and others that are looking for a reliable and rapid linen service for any emergency needs.
  • Floor mats – customer, logo designed floor mats to give your restaurant that special look

Spanish-speaking Uniform and Linen Service – New York and Connecticut

We love our clients, especialmente los que hablan espanol! We are one of the few Spanish-speaking uniform and linen services serving the New York and Connecticut area, including the Bronx New York. So if you are looking for a Spanish-speaking (se habla espanol) commercial laundry service, Stamford Uniform and Linen is your No. 1 top-rated choice for Spanish language / speaking uniform and rental services.

Areas Serviced in Greater Connecticut and New York

Commercial Laundry Service in NYC including Stamford, White Plains and other nearby cities.We service areas within fifty miles of Stamford, CT including linen services for New York, NY (NYC). So if you are looking for uniform or linen rental services in Connecticut – cities of Bridgeport (Linen and Uniform Service)Darien Linen / Uniform Service, FairfieldGreenwich Uniform and Linen ServiceNew Canaan Uniform and Linen ServiceNorwalk Uniform and Linen ServiceSouthportStamfordWestport Uniform and Linen Service. In the New York City area, we service uniform rentals in GreenburghHarrisonHartsdale Uniform and Linen ServiceLarchmont Uniform and Linen ServiceMamaroneckNew RochellePort Chester Uniform and Linen ServiceRyeScarsdale Uniform and Linen ServiceTuckahoe Uniform and Linen Service, Uniform or Linen service in White Plains and Yonkers Uniform and Linen Service. We strive to be one of the best linen services in New York and Connecticut, beginning with great customer service and ending with speedy delivery of clean uniforms and other items (linens, napkins, table cloths) where appropriate. If you are anywhere in a fifty mile radius of Stamford, CT, then give us a call or email for a free estimate. We’re not the biggest uniform or linen rental service in NY or CT – we’re just the best linen and uniform service!  And don’t forget, we run the top-rated commercial laundry service in NY and CT as well!

NYC Linen Services. We now offer uniform and linen service to the boroughs of New York City (NYC). Check out the best uniform and linen service in Bronx, NY as well as our linen service Queens New York, Brooklyn, and of course Manhattan NYC.

Industries Served by the Best Linen Service and Linen Supply Company in New York and Connecticut

We service the uniform rental needs of industries as diverse as commercial, business, deli’s, food processing, health care, machine shops, medical / health care, nursing homes and even pizza restaurants. For instance, if you are looking for a commercial uniform rental service, we are an excellent choice. Looking for a health care / medical uniform service, if you are anywhere near Stamford, CT, we can service your health care or medical uniform needs. Even small businesses such as pizza restaurants, deli’s or other restaurants have needs for uniform rental services or linen rental services. Stamford Uniform and Linen is standing by with amazing customer service and great pricing to help the uniform rental needs of restaurants and others in food service. Finally, we service nursing home uniform rental needs or other industrial / commercial businesses. Whatever your industry, if you are looking for the best uniform service in Connecticut or New York, give us a call. We’re happy to provide a free estimate on uniform rental services or restaurant linen services – whatever the industry! And if you’re looking for a best-in-class mat service or mat rental service in New York City, we can do those mats, too!

Stamford Uniform and Linen
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