A stack of white linens. Elevate your table linens and uniforms with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

A NYC Linen Supply that Will Actually Come to You in Person

When it comes to things like restaurants, bars, and taxis, you have a lot of choice in NYC. Just look at the controversy over Lyft, Uber, and traditional taxis, for instance. But when it comes to NYC linen supply companies let us tell you a “secret”. None of them actually does the work in NYC itself. They all have bases elsewhere. And that includes us. We’re not in NYC, we’re in Stamford, CT.

However, although we are based outside the city, our trucks are in NYC every day delivering and collecting from our many customers there. The big difference between us and other NYC linen supply companies, such as the Cintas and Aramarks of this world is that we care about our customers. We care even if you are not a customer yet.

What Do We Mean By That?

Well, if you are looking to change suppliers or you are setting up a new business you may need new uniforms and linens. You don’t want to be spending time online trying to find something suitable. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we come to you. There is absolutely no obligation, but we will come over and sit down with you and discuss your needs.

For instance, how many uniforms do you need cleaned? Do you own them already or do you want to rent them from us? How often do you need us to deliver clean, freshly laundered uniforms and collect the used ones? If you want new uniforms from us we can look at the many different styles and colors so that you can choose the ideal uniforms to suit your brand. Do you want your logo on them? What about table linens, floor mats, and chefs’ uniforms if these are applicable? There is really quite a lot to consider in order to get it right, and “right” is what you need. It is just so much easier to sit down for an hour and discuss it in person.

When you have decided on your requirements we will then go back to the office and create a free estimate for you detailing exactly what we are going to supply, how often, and how much it will cost.

After that, if you decide that we are the right linen supply company for you we will pick up and deliver your uniforms and linens on a regular basis. Trust us – they will be on time every time.

There’s just one other thing: you will find that our prices are extremely competitive compared with other NYC linen supply companies.