A chef in a striped apron serves plated sandwiches. Elevate your staff with custom uniforms from Stamford Uniform and Linen.

The Best Linen Service in White Plains isn’t even in White Plains

When you want the best White Plains linen service, it is probably fair to say that the biggest is not necessarily the best. You want a company that is local, not one that has its’ head office hundreds of miles away where the directors haven’t actually got a clue about what is happening on the ground on a day to day basis.

That is why Stamford Uniform and Linen is the best White Plains linen service, because we are not actually in White Plains itself, but we’re only in Stamford so we are about as local as you can get. And our directors know exactly what is going on because they are very hands on and are on the premises every day. It’s what they do: run the company.

If something goes wrong – and things do from time to time – they are here to sort it out. It might be that a machine breaks down. It could be that a driver doesn’t turn up for work because he’s gotten sick. It might be that the laundry supplies don’t turn up when they should.

You Don’t Want Excuses

Whatever the problem, you, the customer, don’t want to know about it. You don’t want to hear a load of excuses. You just want your linens to turn up when they should. Our problems at Stamford Uniform are our problems, not yours, and that is exactly the way things should be. Let’s face it: when you run a business – any sort of business – you have enough other things to worry about than whether your staff uniforms or table linens are going to arrive when they should.

If you own a restaurant, you can’t put dirty napkins on the tables. It’s one time use and then in the laundry basket they go. If that laundry basket doesn’t get collected and replaced with clean, you’ve suddenly got a very big problem. It’s no consolation to ring up a company and be told that they are very sorry, but a driver didn’t show up for work.

This is another reason why Stamford Uniform and Linen is the best White Plains linen service, because if one of our drivers doesn’t show up for work, if all else fails, one of our directors will become a driver for the day so that you get your linens on time. At Stamford Uniform, we firmly believe that you don’t want excuses: you want results, and that’s what we are here to provide.

So if you are with one of the big boys, and you get let down, just give us a call. We’re here to help.