Staff members prep a banquet table. Elevate your table linens with Stamford Uniform and Linen.

Napkin Rental Services in New York and CT? That’s Us

Big parties and summer weddings are coming, and you might consider renting napkins, tablecloths, and linens as opposed to buying them. Why? Save time and money, by outsourcing your linen rentals to us.

Love is in the air during this time of the year, many are in party mode and getting together for family parties in New York and Connecticut is also important. This is the time of the of year for wedding and graduation parties, and BBQs from Greenwich to Stamford, from White Plains to Mamaroneck. Family parties and family reunion events take much preparation. Sometimes having to buy things like napkins and linens are just not on the budget. Having a big get together or party, may require a huge layout of table supplies such as napkins and linens.

We know people can be very high income in Westchester county and suburban New York City, but who doesn’t like to save time and money by renting quality napkins at affordable prices?

Rather than to spend a huge sum of money on an outlay of things like table linens, and napkins, why not simply rent them from Stamford Uniform and Linen? It would give you a huge peace of mind if you are just going to have a one-time event and not have to worry about simple things like napkins and linens for the event but can still have an impact on the get together. Since you need to keep costs to a minimum, considering to rent these items from Stamford Linen would perhaps be the best solution for your one time event.

Rental Services Napkins and Linens

We service an area within 50 miles of Stamford, so we’ve got you covered. We are not the biggest uniform and linen rental service in the area – just the best.

Did we mention that we’re cheaper than the rest of the other napking rental businesses? It might seem obvious, but as a family owned business in Stamford,Connecticut we have much lower overheads than other companies, and we can pass the savings on to you.

Stamford Linen Rental Service

We are also one of the very few Spanish speaking rental services for napkins and linen businesses in Connecticut and the New York suburbs, so we quite literally “talk your language”. Se habla Espanol!

We’ll happily offer you a free appraisal and give you a competitive rate analysis. We can do this, because we know for sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at the savings you can make with Stamford Uniform and Linen.