As Far as Our Elderly Are Concerned, Nursing Homes Are in the “Front Line”

If you run a nursing home in New York state or in CT, there is no doubt that the pandemic has hit hard. Our nursing homes are in the front line when it comes to caring for the elderly and have been “in crisis” owing to the substantial challenges that they have been facing.Nursing homes using our linen service have one less issue.

Fortunately, when it comes to uniforms and linens, our nursing home linen service at Stamford Uniform and Linens has given them one less thing to worry about. We take pride in delivering our uniforms and linens bang on the dot, so that you always have clean and fresh bedding, scrubs, towels, and other linens right there when you need them, without having to panic about whether there are going to be enough to keep you going. You have got quite enough else to take care of without that sort of an issue.

If you are already a customer of Stamford Uniform and Linen Services and you need to increase your supply, then it’s easy. If you use your own linens and uniforms and we simply do all your laundry, just tell us about any increase in your requirements and we will ensure that it is taken care of.

If You Rent From Us, Much The Same Applies

If you rent your uniforms and linens from us, then much the same applies. You can email us with any increase in your nursing home linen service requirements or phone us. Alternatively, we will be very happy to send out one of our expert linen rental specialists to meet with you and discuss your increased needs and the best and most cost-effective way in which we can meet them. After all, post-shutdown, every cent counts, so you need to get the best bang for your buck.

Of course, some nursing homes and other medical outlets are considering one-time-use scrubs, etc., but we believe that this is an expensive option. Far better to use scrubs that can be laundered instead of used once and thrown away. It’s better for your bank balance, and it’s better for the planet.

Of course, when you run a nursing home you don’t just need medical attire. You also need some of the same things that a restaurant would need, such as tablecloths, napkins, and so on, and perhaps chef’s uniforms and those for kitchen staff because you have to feed your residents as well as look after their medical care.

Whatever you need in the way of a nursing home linen service, rest assured that at Stamford Uniform and Linen Service we can provide it – all under one roof.

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