Stamford Uniform & Linen, a Top Linen New York Cleaning Service, Announces Active Posts on Linen

Stamford Uniform and Linen, a top linen New York cleaning Service, is proud to announce new, lively blog posts on the topics of linen cleaning and rentals. In addition, the blog posts are connected to both New York City and suburban New York locations, all of which are serviced by Stamford for linen Linen Cleaning Service in NYCneeds.

“Most people think of uniforms first,” explained Paul McDonald, business owner. “However, we do a lot of linens and napkin rentals, both for small businesses and events, meaning people do indeed need linens. By expanding our blog coverage to linens, we are helping people realize that in advance.”

To learn more about the linen service, please visit our website.  To read the lively blog, including new topics on linen, please click on the blog link.

The Best Linen Service in New York is in Stamford

Why is Stamford Uniform & Linen the best option for linen rental and cleaning? The reason is simple: the company’s huge plant in Stamford means great prices and efficiency. Its trucks bring clean uniforms and linens to your business every week or month. Furthermore, the service is competitively priced. The lower one can keep costs for uniform and linen rental, the more one can add to the bottom line – simple as that.

Linen Service & Delivery Located in Stamford but Delivers to NYC

One of the best qualities that the company offers to those living in NYC is delivery services to the area. The company offers linen cleaning and delivery services to New York City. Not only do we service Connecticut but we also offer uniform rental services in New York City and the surrounding cities.
The company’s uniform rental services offers very competitive prices. Stamford Uniform & Linen has price competitive services vis-a-vis all major uniform rental services such as Aramark and Cintas as well as other Connecticut and New York uniform rental services.

About Stamford Uniform and Linen:

Stamford Uniform and Linen is a top-rated Stamford uniform rental and linen service. As opposed to a traditional uniform supply company, the company ‘rents’ uniforms or linens making it easier than ever for small businesses. Businesses looking for restaurant uniform service to automotive shop uniforms to the best New York or Connecticut linen supply service find the company second-to-none.

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