If You Are Going to Re-Open Your Restaurant in NYC, You Need Linens

Running a restaurant in New York City is always something of a juggling act. There is the question of deciding what to put on the menu and then, having decided, sourcing the food. You may want to introduce seasonal variations, so need to have access to different farmers, and/or markets at different times of year. Restaurant linen serviceMany New York restaurant owners go to the markets themselves, and therefore have to be up with the lark in order to get the best supplies.

Then there is the question of staffing. You may also be the head chef, but then again, you may not. What do you do when your head chef goes on holiday, or goes sick? The same thing applies to your wait staff and your barman if you have a bar. All these things can affect your business if they go wrong. And Murphy’s law suggests that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Worse still, there is Murphy’s second law. This states that when something has gone wrong, whatever you do to try to correct it will only succeed in making things worse!

Your restaurant linens and uniforms are another area. If you haven’t got fresh, clean, tablecloths, napkins, and so on, you can’t open for business even if you have everything else in perfect working order. Yes, running a restaurant can be a hassle.

Everything Open Again By July

Of course, your restaurant may have been closed during the pandemic, but now Bill de Blasio has said that everything will be up and running by July, so you are no doubt working flat out to get yourself prepared. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we can’t help you with going to the markets or ordering wines and spirits, but we can help you with our restaurant linen service.

We cover the whole of the NYC area from our base in Stamford and while we understand that you may already have a restaurant linen service, now might be a good time to consider a change. We are not like the big boys who don’t really care about small restaurant owners. Let’s face it: If they lose the odd restaurant business here or there, it isn’t going to affect them.

By contrast, with our restaurant linen service in NYC we are small enough to care about our customers, and still big enough to ensure that you will get your linens and uniforms right on time every single week. We don’t miss, because we know that you rely on us. We are also price competitive with the big boys, so you can save money as well by switching over to us.

What could be better? A linen service that you can rely on and costs less too!

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