5 Reasons Why You Need a Medical Scrubs Service in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is known as the trend area in New York City. Restaurants abound in the borough, and we know that many people come to Brooklyn to live and work solely for its incredible culinary scene. We’re excited as COVID abates to see more and more restaurants reopening. But there’s more to Brooklyn than just restaurants. There are more than a few doctor’s offices, dentists offices, and even health care and urgent care centers. Brooklyn residents have those needs, too.


If you own or work for a Brooklyn medical establishment, you might be wondering how you can improve your business. Here are some reasons why “outsourcing” your Brooklyn medical line service needs to us might be a good idea –Medical and Scrubs Linen Service for Brooklyn NY

  1. Renting is Better than Owning. Renting your scrubs can be a smarter business decision than owning. Why? Because when you rent, you outsource the entire hassle to us. You don’t have to worry about when a scrub gets old or uncleanable. We handle this problem. We clean it. We dispose of it when it’s end of life. So your employees are always looking their best.
  2. Multiple Sizes are No Problem. When you own your scrubs, you’re responsible for inventory. What if you have a big employee? A small employee? A tall employee? A short employee? Keeping all those sizes in stock can be a problem. But our service has a lot of inventory and we can work with you as your needs change.
  3. Expanding and Contracting Your Needs. Business in New York City today is anything but easy. Is COVID on or off? Are we shut down or open? Is business booming or collapsing? If you own your medical and healthcare scrubs you are stuck. But if you rent through us you can expand and contract as needed. We provide a flexible contract so that that is not an issue for any uniform or linen rentals.  We can even rent “lab coats” for your lab staff!
  4. Keep Your Employees Looking Sharp. Many doctors office and healthcare providers have their employees take their scrubs home and wash them; or they wash them in an industrial laundry at the facility. Either way, you’re doing something you’re not a specialist in. Your employees might come to work in a wrinkled scrub (not professional!), or – what’s worse – a scrub with a pesky stain. By outsourcing your medical / healthcare scrub needs to us you look your best and so do your employees.
  5. Do What You Do Best. The most important reason? Do what you do best. Business is often about specializing in what you do best and outsourcing the other needs. You wouldn’t try to cook your own pizza for an employee lunch. You’d go to one of the neighborhood pizzerias and buy pizza. Right? Well, in a similar way, whether you’re a dentist or a doctor or an urgent care facility, you should focus on what YOU do BEST: medical services. Let us focus on what WE do best: medical scrubs!


These are just five reasons why you might consider outsourcing your linen services to us. But here’s another tip. Let one of our helpful rep’s come in and give you a FREE QUOTE and FREE CONTRACT analysis. We can overview your business and its needs and come up with a best-in-class plan for your medical linens. We’ve done it for many businesses in New York City, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, the Bronx to Queens, and even Westchester County.

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