Stamford Uniform & Linen Service, Serving Brooklyn, NY, with Linen Services Announces new Competitive Contract Analysis

Brooklyn, NY – February 26, 2016. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a top-rated linen service operating in New York City including Brooklyn at, proudly announces a competitive contract analysis service. NYC restaurant and hotel owners are constantly searching for smart ways to cut costs, given high expenses in New York City. The competitive contract analysis now available to New York City and Brooklyn restaurants may help them re-negotiate linen service fees.

“New York City is a great place to own a businesses, but a tough one too. Restaurants, hotels, gyms and doctor’s offices are constantly searching Brooklyn NY Linen Servicefor revenue and cost-cutting ideas to survive,” explained Paul McDonald, CEO of Stamford Uniform and Linen. “Sometimes, smart budget-cuts are right under their noses. That is why we offer a contract analysis for linen services. Even if we are not the cheapest, the business owner can benefit from our expertise in the industry.”

To read the latest article about the company’s competitive contract analysis for linen services, visit the website for more information.  Information about linen and uniform delivery service is available to businesses in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan as well as the surrounding New York City area. Those visiting the website can take the next step by filling out a feedback form to request the analysis.

New York City, Brooklyn, and Linen Services: Survival of the Fittest

New York City restaurant owners and hoteliers understand competition is fierce in place such as Brooklyn. Business owners work hard to keep budgets in the black to survive. Hospitality and medical office budgets must be analyzed regularly to ensure the best quality and price comes from every vendor, including linen service and delivery. The same goes for restaurants. Smaller Brooklyn offices and restaurants may not get the proper attention from larger linen services. Quality can drop while monthly linen and uniform service prices rise.

Stamford Linen recognizes that many hospitality and small medical businesses in NYC may be paying too much for linen and uniform delivery. A simple budget analysis will confirm if the quality and price of linen service is there, or if the business can do better. A smart budget strategy is what sets successful New York businesses apart. Stamford Linen is a partner to NYC business which delivers quality and affordable linen service to Brooklyn and the rest of the New York area daily.

About Stamford Uniform and Linen

Stamford Uniform and Linen is a top-rated commercial linen service. Stamford Uniform and Linen offers pickup and delivery service for the greater New York City area. Locations available include Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. As opposed to a traditional linen and uniform supply company, the company ‘rents’ uniforms or linens making it easier than ever for small businesses. Stamford Uniform is available to businesses looking for various types of service uniforms such as: medical uniforms, wait staff attire, chef coats, spa uniforms and hotel staff uniforms. To contact the best uniform and linen supply service, go to the website.

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