Stamford Uniform & Linen, Reviewed as the Best Linen Service in New York, NY, Announces Website Boost for 2020

New York, NY – January 31, 2020. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a service that has been reviewed as one of the best linen services in New York, NY, is proud to announce a reboot of the company website. best linen service in New York NYNew graphics and easy navigation have been added to create a better customer experience. Restaurant and hotel leaders searching for top-notch linen delivery service can review the new website. The hospitality industry could experience a surge in patrons for the coming year. A service ready to deliver table linens, uniforms, and clean industrial mats can help keep up with the demanding pace.

“With the way the economy is going, 2020 could be very busy. We are dedicated to serving New York and Connecticut with the best in customer service as we move through this next year,” explained Paul McDonald, CEO of Stamford Uniform and Linen. “This is why we have rebooted our website to give our customers an easy, informative way to find out everything we can do for them quickly.”

Restaurant and hotel leaders interested in reviewing the updated website for Stamford Uniform & Linen can go to New graphics, videos, and informative pages help the hospitality community find answers to the best linen service in New York, NY. Easy-to-use navigation allows for quick support for linen delivery, uniform rentals, and mat cleaning services. Persons ready to review the price of linen delivery services in New York City and review a quote can visit the estimate page.


Here is the background on this release. New York City, possibly known as the best spot for world-class dining in the USA, could be extra busy in the coming year. A booming economy may bring new opportunities for Brooklyn hotels and New York eateries. Employees working during peak hours at a bistro or steakhouse might need extra linens handy as tables rapidly flip over to the next patron. The best linen service can help deliver new tablecloths, napkins, and employee uniforms to keep up with the pace.

For these reasons, Stamford Uniform & Linen has announced a reboot to the company website. Restaurant and hotel leaders may need to locate the best linen service in New York, NY. An upgraded website provides easy navigation to linen delivery service, uniform rentals, and mats. Delivery services can reach restaurants in the city of New York, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Fresh and delivered pressed linens include towels, tablecloths, uniforms, and cloth napkins.


Stamford Uniform and Linen ( is a top-rated linen and uniform delivery service serving the New York City area. Stamford Uniform and Linen offers pickup and delivery service for NYC locations, including Brooklyn and Manhattan. Stamford Uniform provides affordable and quick delivery of employee uniforms, including chef’s whites, waiter uniforms, hostess shirts, and bartender aprons. A top laundry service in Stamford can provide pressed tablecloths and linen napkins for Brooklyn restaurants. The company services small and large hotels, restaurants and other eateries. To contact the best uniform and linen supply service, go to the website.

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