Stamford Uniform And Linen Hire Announces Huge Growth In It’s Manhattan Restaurant Business

Stamford linen and restaurant uniform rental service, Stamford Uniform and Linen Hire, has just announced a huge increase in its business with Manhattan restaurant owners, both large and small.

“Since launching a marketing campaign targeting small Manhattan restaurant owners, we have found that there is a lot of discontent with the Manhattan Uniform Rental and Linen Service“big boys” such as Aramark and Cintas”, said Stamford Uniform and Linen Hire director Paul McDonald. “We have heard tales of missed deliveries, difficulty in getting any customer support when things go wrong, and even the wrong linens and uniforms being delivered to customers. As far as we are concerned, that is absolutely crazy, and it seems that many Manhattan restaurateurs agree.”

Founded in 2010 by McDonald, Stamford Uniform and Linen Hire is a family firm dedicated to providing a first class service to its’ customers.

“We may not have the clout of the big boys, nor yet do we have tens of thousands of customers”, said McDonald. “What we do offer is a personal service from people who ensure that everything runs smoothly from the day that we take on a new customer. We understand only too well that we are an overhead – a cost to the Manhattan restaurant owner – so our mantra has always been to provide the finest service at the lowest price possible.”

Manhattan, New York City: Now Served by the Best Uniform Rental and Linen Service

Uniform rental and linen supply is something that Manhattan restaurant owners have to have, so Stamford Uniform and Linen Hire takes every care to see that it provides an immaculate service that will – in the words of McDonald – “beat the big boys hands down at their own game.”

The company provides everything that the larger businesses can offer, but with a personal touch. The McDonalds are on the premises every day, and are only at the other end of a telephone if a customer has any sort of query. This is what they mean by personal service.

“We are not tucked away in a boardroom somewhere running ten other companies at the same time”, said McDonald, “we are there for our customers at any time. Uniform and Linen Hire is what we do – and we endeavor to see to it that we do it better than anyone else – bar none.”

Since launching it’s latest marketing campaign aimed at restaurant owners in Manhattan, Stamford Uniform and Linen Hire has found that its’ growth has exploded exponentially. “We started off with just a handful of new customers”, said McDonald, “but within two months found that we were getting inquiries from an ever increasing number of restaurant owners. It seems that, although many of them are in competition with each other, they were recommending us to other restaurant owners nearby. So, for instance, a high end Italian restaurant is not competing with a medium level Chinese restaurant, and they were happy to tell others about us.”

Stamford Uniform and Linen Hire is happy to send its’ representative out to discuss the particular requirements of any Manhattan restaurant owner, without any obligation. “We understand that no two restaurant owners in Manhattan have exactly the same requirements, so we are happy to meet them and put forward a solid proposal”, said McDonald.

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