Stamford Uniform & Linen, a Professional Linen Supply Company Serving Brooklyn, and New York City, Announces New Post about Laundry Service Priorities

New York City, NY – July 14, 2018. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a leading linen supply company serving New York City and environs, has released a new blog post for the New York City business community. An abundance of services within the boundaries of New York City may be available to local businesses including hotels and restaurants. Proximity may not equal top quality, however. If a restaurant manager reviews Brooklyn linen supply companies, for example, it could turn out the best choice is in Stamford, CT.

“Larger linen supply companies may have to modify their customer service model in order to manage their size. For even those located directly in the New York area, this can mean less flexibility Stamford Uniform & Linen, a Professional Linen Supply Company Serving Brooklyn, and New York City, Announces New Post about Laundry Service Prioritiesfor restaurants and hotels with particular needs,” explained Paul McDonald, CEO of Stamford Uniform and Linen. “Our new blog post talks about how it’s important to find the right fit for a business, regardless of location.”

Interested persons can read the new blog post for Stamford linen and go to The post explains that, ironically, the top Brooklyn linen service companies may be found outside the boundaries of Brooklyn and indeed all of New York City. A commercial laundry service that can provide cleaned employee uniforms and pressed table linens on a tight schedule may find one in Stamford, Connecticut.


Here is background on this release. In the City of New York, it may be important to learn that proximity might not equal quality. A local restaurant specializing in seafood might not choose a local vendor for shellfish. Lobsters from Maine could be shipped each day to satisfy the expectations of a professional chef. Hotels seeking the right floral arrangement may require a special designer to deliver from Newhaven. If a hotel or restaurant owner needs to locate one of the top Brooklyn linen supply companies to fulfill laundry needs, so the post argues, it could require looking to Stamford, CT for support.

For these reasons, Stamford Uniform and Linen has released a new blog post explaining that “local” isn’t always the “best” when it comes to linen supply services.


Stamford Uniform and Linen is a top-rated linen and uniform delivery service serving the New York City area. Stamford Uniform and Linen offers pickup and delivery service for NYC locations including Brooklyn and Manhattan. Stamford Uniform offers affordable and quick delivery of employee uniforms including chef’s whites, waiter uniforms, hostess shirts and bartender aprons. Pressed tablecloths and linen napkins for Brooklyn restaurants can be provided by a top laundry service in Stamford. The company services small and large hotels, restaurants and other eateries. To contact the best uniform and linen supply service, go to the website.

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