Brooklyn, New York, Linen Service Announced by Stamford Uniform and Linen

Brooklyn, NY – August 31, 2015. Stamford Uniform and Linen, a top-rated uniform rental and linen service operating in the greater New York Area, is proud to announce a major service expansion into Brooklyn, New York. With the booming Brooklyn economy leading to many new restaurants and other small businesses, the company has seen a huge increase in Linen Serviceinbound inquiries to bring its rental services to the Brooklyn area. Consequently, the company has now extended beyond initial customers and is open to inquiries from all Brooklyn-based businesses.

“The reality of high costs in New York City is that it is cost-efficient to outsource a linen service as well as employee uniforms to our company,” explained Paul McDonald, CEO of Stamford Uniform and Linen. “Our initial test customers in Brooklyn have been very pleased, and we now have a good system for our drivers to offer service in and out of Brooklyn on a daily basis for restaurant linens and uniform rentals. In addition, we can service other types of businesses such as auto body shops, gyms, and even medical facilities.”

To learn more about the company’s Brooklyn-services, the company has created a Brooklyn-specific page for uniform and linens.  There interested parties can browse the services offered ranging from uniform rentals to linen service to commercial laundry. As a small company, Stamford Uniform and Linen brings a higher level of customer service and care than is available from the large national corporations.

Brooklyn Small Businesses and One Less Headache

The reality in Brooklyn, New York, is that the economy is booming. Brooklyn has become the “hip” place to live in New York City, and with that hipness has come a high-cost environment.

Businesses quickly realize that the most cost efficient way to set up a structure, is to do only those services in Brooklyn that must be done in the high-cost location, and to outsource every other possible service to a lower-cost suburban provider. For example, to do one’s own restaurant linens would be costly and time consuming in the space-starved Brooklyn area. But to outsource this function to Stamford Uniform and Linen, a business that has daily truck runs in and out of New York City can lower the costs and lost the headaches of running a small business such as a restaurant or bar in Brooklyn.

The company even offers a free quotation and competitive contract analysis service to Brooklyn businesses. Simply call 203-504-3111 or visit the website, and click on the free estimate button.

About Stamford Uniform and Linen

Stamford Uniform and Linen is a top-rated Stamford uniform rental and linen service. As opposed to a traditional uniform supply company, the company ‘rents’ uniforms or linens making it easier than ever for small businesses. Businesses looking for restaurant uniform service to automotive shop uniforms to the best New York or Connecticut linen supply service find the company second-to-none.


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