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How our employees look is a critical part of any successful business. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression! We at Stamford Uniform and Linen service the greater New York and Connecticut metro areas – communities such as Harrison in Connecticut as well as New Rochelle, Rye, Larchmont, Tuckahoe in Connecticut.. If your business is in a 50 mile radius of Stamford, we can service you with –

  • Uniform Rentals – we rent uniforms and service you with a weekly pickup and delivery. Your employees will look great every day.
  • Competitive Prices – we are price competitive with all major uniform / linen rental services such as Aramark and Cintas as well as other Connecticut and New York uniform rental services.
  • Linen Service – we are experts in the restaurant business and can clean your linens, provide chef uniforms, waiter aprons, and all the napkins, linens, uniforms that you need to make your restaurant look snappy and professional!
  • Commercial Laundry Service – we operate one of the largest professional laundry services near Harrison as well as New Rochelle, Rye, Larchmont, Tuckahoe and can service the needs of hospitals, restaurants, auto shops, deli’s, bodegas, doctors offices and more.
  • Great Customer Service – we are a small business, and we service businesses in industries as diverse as health care, restaurants, food processing, automotive and more. Whatever your line of business, we will strive to be the best uniform rental service at the best price point, with amazing customer service.

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Uniform / Linen Services Offered

As a business owner, worrying about how your employees look is one hassle you do not need. Dealing with the larger uniform rental services can also be a hassle – difficult billing, bad customer service. You don’t need any more hassles. That’s where Stamford Uniform and Linen comes in. Here are the steps to a successful engagement.

First, our uniform and linen specialist will meet with you one-on-one to discuss your uniform rental needs. How many uniforms do you need cleaned? Do you already own them, or are you looking to rent them from us? How frequently do you need pick up and delivery of clean, pressed uniforms for your employees? Do you need napkins? Floor mats with your logo? At our first, no obligation meeting, our uniform and linen specialist will investigate your needs.

Second, we will create a free estimate on our professional services. What will we do for you? When, how? How much will it cost. Our free estimate will specify the rental services to be provided (uniforms, mats, linen service (napkins, table cloths, etc., if applicable).

Third, if we decide to engage, we will pickup and deliver your uniforms and/or linens on a regular basis. It’s that easy.

Areas Serviced near Harrison and New Rochelle, Rye, Larchmont, Tuckahoe in Connecticut.

We service areas within fifty miles of Stamford, CT including Harrison, Connecticut, as well as New Rochelle, Rye, Larchmont, Tuckahoe. So if you are looking for uniform rental services in Connecticut – cities of Bridgeport, Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Southport, Stamford, Westport. In the New York City area, we service uniform rentals in Greenburgh, Harrison, Hartsdale, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, Port Chester, Rye, Scarsdales, Tucakhoe, White Plains and Yonkers. We strive to be one of the best uniform rental services in New York and Connecticut, beginning with great customer service and ending with speedy delivery of clean uniforms and other items (linens, napkins, table cloths) where appropriate. If you are anywhere in a fifty mile radius of Stamford, CT, then give us a call or email for a free estimate. We’re not the biggest uniform rental service in NY or CT – we’re just the best!

Uniform Rentals, Linen Service, Commercial Laundry Company – Industries Served

We service the uniform and linen rental needs of industries as diverse as commercial, business, deli’s, food processing, health care, machine shops, medical / health care, nursing homes and even pizza restaurants. For instance, if you are looking for a commercial uniform rental service, we are an excellent choice. Looking for a health care / medical uniform service, if you are anywhere near Stamford, CT, we can service your health care or medical uniform needs. Even small businesses such as pizza restaurants, deli’s or other restaurants have needs for uniform rental services. Stamford Uniform and Linen is standing by with amazing customer service and great pricing to help the uniform rental needs of restaurants and others in food service. Finally, we service nursing home uniform rental needs or other industrial / commercial businesses. Whatever your industry, if you are looking for the best uniform service in Connecticut or New York, give us a call. We’re happy to provide a free estimate on uniform rental services – whatever the industry!

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Our Services

  • Restaurant Uniform Service
  • Uniform Rentals
  • Commercial Laundry Service
  • Restaurant Linen Service
  • Commercial Uniform Service
  • Free Contract Analysis

About Harrison, Connecticut

New York passed legislation which divided its counties into towns numbering more than 100. “…and that all that part of said County of Westchester called and known by the name of Harrison’s Purchase, shall be and hereby is erected into a town, by the name of Harrison.”

A real estate brochure of 1906 stated “Harrison is a good place to live. There are over 50 trains daily between Harrison and New York City with a commutation of 10 cents a trip.” It was known as the New York, Westchester and Boston Railroad. Since 1927, when it became the New Haven Line, it has changed little, and is said to have been more efficient then!

Access by road improved when the Hutchinson River Parkway reached Harrison in 1929. Few know that 60 years ago, another parkway was planned which would extend from White Plains to Port Chester along the present day route of Westchester Avenue. Land was sold and many houses were built by enthusiastic developers, but the plan was never completed. Today, Parkway Knolls extends from Westchester Avenue north two blocks to Parkview Avenue, and between Underhill Avenue and Croker’s Pond, also known as Spring Lake.

The Harrison Historical Society has its home in West Harrison on the corner of Lake Street and Park Lane in the Charles Dawson History Center. The site is the location of a one room school house known as District No. 5 which was originally established further up Park Lane in 1817.
Source: http://www.town.harrison.ny.us/harrison_sub_com_content_history.html

Fun Facts about Harrison, CT

Did you know these famous people were from Harrison? Dean Acheson, Ethan Allan as well as P. T. Barnum showma. And this? The distance he covered on his horse would become his own land.. Now you know.

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