Would You Like a Really Best-in-class Linen Service, or Just the “Big Boys”?

When you run any sort of business in Connecticut or New York state that requires linens or uniforms, or often both, you have choices. There are the “big boys” – and we all know who they are – and then there are your local suppliers such as ourselves at Stamford Uniform And Linen.commercial laundry service

Far be it from us to criticize, but then we do hear an awful lot of complaints about poor service from those large companies. Linens that don’t turn up on time. Items missing. Not properly cleaned.

Let’s face it: when you need a commercial laundry service in CT or NY, there are two things that you want. You need your linens to turn up on time, properly cleaned. And everything there when it should be. That’s it!

If that doesn’t happen, you can be in big trouble. If you run a doctors’ or dentists’ office, you cannot operate at all without your linens. Nurses’ uniforms, towels, cloths, scrubs – you name it – you can’t work without them.

Some of the tales we have heard don’t bear thinking about. And it gets worse, because if things don’t arrive when they should, you have then got to phone up the supplier and try to find out what is going on and where they are. You can be hanging on the phone for ages. Alternatively, you can always go online and talk to a computer if you feel like it.

The Computer Won’t Be Able to Help

Of course, that computer won’t be able to help because it has only been programmed to answer certain questions, and the answer to “Where the heck is my laundry?” is not one of them. So, it asks you to hold, and then you have to wait for ages to talk to a real human being – who probably still won’t have an answer. Meanwhile, the directors of said linen service are out on the golf course!

This is why so many more businesses are coming to us for the commercial laundry service in CT or NY that we provide. Yes, we are a relatively small business, but we make certain that our customers get their linens and uniforms when they should do. Same day. Every week. If you’re in New York City, we’re the New York City commercial laundry of choice – to be sure.

Not only that, but our directors are not out on the golf course. They don’t play golf! They are right here in the laundry every working day, and if you have a query that you can’t get answered quickly you can talk to one of them directly.

So, if you want a commercial laundry service in CT, NY, or NYC, that works without any of the “aggro”, come and talk to us at Stamford Linen. We will send one of our specialists out to determine your requirements and provide you with a free quote.

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