When You Run a Tapas Restaurant You Can Go Through a Lot of Linens

“Tapas” is the hottest trend in restaurants these days. Small, snackable meals really fit the New York City lifestyle. But tapas restaurants can use a lot of linens – tablecloths, napkins, chef outfits, etc.Tapas restaurants use a lot of linens, and we service linens for New York City tapas restaurants


Simply because the meals are quick to produce and eat, and so, therefore, the turnover of customers can be quite high as they come in, grab a tapas, eat it, and off they go again. And that means that napkins will need to be changed frequently, as well tablecloths, and so on.

It is different when you run a restaurant that produces a leisurely dinner when the customers can be there for three hours or more, eating one course after another. All very nice, and you don’t need fresh napkins every 20 or 30 minutes. But tapas is a quick turnaround, and therefore a high use of linens.

The good news is that at Stamford Uniform and Linen we provide the perfect linen service for tapas restaurants in NYC. In fact, we service very many tapas restaurants with their linen requirements, so no matter how many tablecloths and napkins you go through each week, we’ve got you covered.

We Guarantee That You Will Never Run Out

If there is one thing that we guarantee with our linen service for tapas restaurants, it is that you will never run out. Not ever. We collect your used linens and chef’s uniforms, and kitchen items on the same day every week. In fact, you can near enough set your alarm clock by us!

This is because we are a family-run firm in much the same way as most restaurants are. Yes, of course, there are the chains, and we service those too, but many NYC tapas restaurants are family run. We know what it is like to run what is a relatively small business. You cannot afford to run out of things.

However, that is one of the advantages of running a family firm. It means that the “boss” and the other directors are on site every day. They are not out sunning themselves on the golf course or taking a long vacation in Hawaii. They keep on top of the job, and we do the same at Stamford Uniform And Linen.

That means that if something goes awry – and it does occasionally – our directors are right there in order to sort it out, so that it has no effect on our customers. In fact, as we have said before, we pride ourselves that when something goes AWOL in our laundry our customers will never even know it happened.

So, if you are looking for a linen service for tapas restaurants, give us a call. You will be surprised at just how well our prices compare with the “big boys”!

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