When You Re-Open Your Restaurant in NYC, We Can Help With Linens

Restaurants in New York City are slowly but surely returning to normal. At the moment we have take-out and outdoor dining, but shortly we should have indoor dining again. Indeed, this is already happening in the suburbs. Stamford Uniform and Linen – a reliable commercial laundry

If you are in the process of “rebooting” your restaurant, then it’s time to talk to us about our restaurant linen service in New York City for your uniform and linen requirements. You may well feel that this is very true if you have been using one of the national firms in the past. We constantly hear stories of linens and uniforms not arriving when they should, which, of course, can cause untold problems when you run a restaurant.

What can you possibly do if your wait staff have no uniforms and you have run out of tablecloths and napkins? Yes, you can rush out and buy some extra napkins and tablecloths, but you can’t fit out your wait staff with uniforms at short notice. We hear these tales all the time.

Your Uniforms And Linens Will Arrive When They Should

Here at Stamford Uniform and Linen, we guarantee that come hell or high water, your linens and uniforms will arrive when they should arrive, and you won’t be left fuming because we let you down. We have said this before, but we are a small family firm – big enough to cope – and our directors are here on the premises every day. We know that it is critical that a restaurant linen service in New York City absolutely must ensure that you never run out of anything.

Certainly, we occasionally have issues when something goes wrong, but that is our problem, not yours. If we have to work all night in order to catch up because of a machine problem, then that’s what happens. As far as we’re concerned a restaurant linen service in New York City should operate quietly in the background and you shouldn’t ever have to even think about us, let alone phone us up because your linens haven’t arrived!

As a restaurant owner, you know you need your front of house staff to look sharp and smart at all times. We can rent you your uniforms with your own logo or restaurant name on them and/or with the name of the staff member if you wish. We will happily send out one of our expert representatives to meet with you and discuss your requirements. Then we will give you an exact price which we think will pleasantly surprise you because we are extremely competitive when compared with the Aramark’s and Cintas’s of this world.

Then if you are happy with our offer we will pick up and deliver your uniforms on a regular basis on the day that you require them. It really is that simple.

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