We Love NYC Restaurants and Their Linen Service Needs

At Stamford Uniform and Linen, restaurants are our bread and butter! They’re the yin to our yang. They’re the meat to our potatoes. They’re the garlic on our garlic bread. We love restaurants and we live and work in the GREATEST city in the world (New York City) when it comes to restaurants. linen service for restaurantsWe’re behind the scenes, however, working to help with napkins, tablecloths, chef uniforms, etc., when it comes to our NYC linen service for restaurants.

And that is the way that we firmly believe it should be. When you are a restaurant owner or manager, you have a hundred and one things to think about, and you don’t want to worry about your linen supplies being one of them. You have too much else on your plate! (Sorry about the pun!).

But it’s true. An NYC linen service for restaurants should just “happen”. It should run in the background so that you never, ever have to even think about it. It’s like turning on the tap in the kitchen sink: you don’t worry about whether or not there will be any water when you do that. It just happens. You know that it will. And your linen service needs to be exactly the same.

It Works Well For Us, Too

That’s the way that we work at Stamford Linen, and it works well for us too. That’s because we know exactly where we have to deliver uniforms and linens on any given day, and so we work to a routine. We deliver on the same day each week, collect your dirty uniforms and linens, and disappear again. You won’t see us again until next week – unless you have some sort of an emergency. If that should happen, we will pull out all the stops in order to help you. We service the main boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

That’s not to say that we never have any problems in-house. Machines can break down. Staff can go sick. But as we have said before, that is not your problem, it’s ours. We are a family-run business, and if the boss has to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in, then that’s what happens. Tough on him. We are not going to let it affect our customers under any circumstances. In fact, you will never know that we had an issue.

Not only that, but we are price competitive as well. We charge fair prices because we don’t want our customers to leave us. So, you get a first-class service at rates that you can afford. As far as we are concerned at Stamford Linen, when you need an NYC linen service for restaurants, that is exactly the way it should be.

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