The Pandemic Has Increased the Use of Linens in New York City

The recent crisis has taught us all the importance of healthcare! Covid-19 has stressed the NY healthcare system and brought many new needs for linens. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and even dentists are needing new linen services.  Not just in New York City but in nearby communities like White Plains or Yonkers, NY.New York is using more linens post Covid-19.

Hopefully, the worst of the pandemic is now past, and life is gradually getting back to normal. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we have found that the healthcare sector – doctors’ offices, hospitals, dentists, and more – have been using many more linens because they have been changing them far more often. Fortunately, we have the capacity to handle it with our healthcare linen service, because we have taken steps to ensure that every one of our customers gets all the linens that they need on the due day.

We anticipate that there will be a further increase in demand as other businesses re-open after Covid-19, such as restaurants, casinos, hotels, and more. In addition, if you are in a business such as a chiropractor, optician, dermatologist, and many others, you will be restarting work – if you haven’t already – and also in need our healthcare linen service for patient care.

We supply uniforms and linens to all types of businesses within a 50-mile radius of Stamford and as a small business ourselves we take the time and trouble to look after our clients, unlike some other firms we could mention. Indeed, we hear a lot of moans and grumbles about the “big boys” with linens and uniforms not arriving when they should, which can cause real trouble for many people.

Only Two Choices

Let’s face it, if you run a restaurant and you run out of tablecloths and napkins you only have two choices. One is to go out and buy more, in order to cover the gap, and the other is simply not to open at all. That’s the last thing you need right now when you have been closed for months and desperately need to play catch-up. At Stamford Uniform and Linen, we make certain that your uniforms and linens arrive on the day they should – no excuses. If that means that our directors have to roll their sleeves up and get stuck into the nitty-gritty, then that’s what happens. They are here on the premises every day – not out on the golf course.

Yes, it sometimes happens that we have a problem in-house, but when you need a healthcare linen service, we take the view that it’s our problem and not yours. Not only should it not affect you, but you shouldn’t even be aware that we had an issue.

So if you need a linen and uniform service that works seamlessly in the background and you don’t want to worry about deliveries, talk to us at Stamford Uniform and Linen Service.

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