The Medical Sector Is Back in Business and Needing More Linens

Hospitals, medical offices, doctors and dentists’ offices – they are all open or reopening whether it’s in Connecticut or in New York state. Many have new linen needs; others have just a need for more. This is because many medical practitioners are changing scrubs more than ever before – some between every patient. Many medical offices are re-opening and needing more linens.So they are looking for a reliable linen service for hospitals in New York state, and they find us at Stamford Uniform and Linen Service.

No matter what your issues, we are not a big unwieldy laundry service like the “big boys”. We have great respect for our customers, and we don’t let them down. That is not to say that we never have an issue or problem ourselves. We are like any business – we can all run into problems occasionally. But what we do make sure is that if we have an issue, it is never going to affect our linen service for hospitals in New York state.

In fact, our objective is always to make certain that you don’t even know that we had a problem because your linens will always be there on the dot, no matter what. We have said this before, but it is worth repeating: our directors are here on the premises every single day, and if that means that they have to get their hands dirty in order to ensure your linens arrive on time, then that’s what happens. Well, perhaps not get their hands dirty, but you know what we mean.

Our Business Should Operate Seamlessly In The Background

A business like ours should always operate seamlessly in the background so that you, the customer, hardly realize that we are here at all. Your linens and uniforms arrive on time, every time, clean and fresh, and we simply collect all your used linens, take them away, and then return them the next week. If one of our machines breaks down, that’s not your problem.

We come into New York early every morning with our unique truck in/truck out the concept, supplying many hospitals, doctors offices, dentists offices, and other medical and healthcare businesses, giving us a cost and quality advantage over the big box national chains. Indeed, our rates are extremely competitive when you need a linen service for hospitals in New York state. But most importantly, we will never let you down.

We cannot emphasize this enough, because if your linens and uniforms don’t arrive, you simply cannot deal with your patients, and that is not going to make them very happy. So we always go the extra mile.

If you are looking for an alternative to your present suppliers, then ask for one of our representatives to visit you and provide you with a quote. There is no obligation, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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