The Best Uniform Rental Service Isn’t in New York City: It’s in Stamford

Stamford Linen offers dry cleaning service to the New York Metro area, our trucks brings clean uniform and linens to your business every week or month, we can take care of your any dry cleaning needs.

We service an area of 50 miles from where we are based, even if we are not located in New York, who cares right? We collect and deliver all ofUniform Rental Service in New York City your linen and employee uniform needs, and you don’t have to pay the outrageous costs of being in New York City, even if your business needs are based there.

Stamford Linen offers the best linen service in New York City, if by “best” you mean best quality, best pricing, and best customer service. We may not be “in the city,” but why do you care? We’re the best uniform service in NYC because we are NOT in the city. Get it?

A Better Linen Service than the ‘Big Boys’ – Linen Rental Service

Stamford Uniform and Linen, you’ll soon find that we get to know each other on a personal level. You can contact the owners personally, you would deal with the owners directly, not some junior members of the staff.

The Best Linen Service in New York… is in Stamford, CT

So whether you’re in New York Metro, downtown, or elsewhere in New York City, we can service your linen needs. The best linen service in New York, it turns out, isn’t actually in NY, we are actually located in Stamford Linen.

When you run a business in health care, nursing home, restaurant, or deli, you have quite enough on your plate. Take the worry off your shoulders and have your tablecloths and staff uniforms are going to look great – or not – and will always be looking in pristine condition. Keeping your linen in great shape is a chore, and one that should simply “happen”, not add to a list of day to day problems.

About Stamford Linen:

Stamford Uniform and Linen was founded in 2010, when our owners saw the needs of the small business community for amazing customer service for a very mundane business service: uniform and linen rentals in the greater Stamford area. Many business owners struggle with just the day-to-day operations of their business. They don’t need another hassle!
Yet, their uniform and linen rental needs are serviced largely by big, uncaring companies at very high prices.

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