Stamford Uniform & Linen, One of the Leading Brooklyn Linen Supply Companies, Announces Update to Linen Service Page

Brooklyn, New York – August 26, 2018. Stamford Uniform and Linen, one of the leading Brooklyn linen supply companies, is proud to announce an update to its informational page on “linen services.”Many Brooklyn restaurant owners are desperate to find a quality linen supply company that can serve their needs by providing an incredible linen service experience at a reasonable cost.Stamford Uniform & Linen, One of the Leading Brooklyn Linen Supply Companies, Announces Update to Linen Service Page

“Restaurants needs professionally cleaned tablecloths, napkins, and employee uniforms,” explained Paul McDonald, CEO of Stamford Uniform and Linen. “Our newly update page for Brooklyn linen supply companies offers helpful information to busy restaurateurs. Many business owners are desperate to work with a small, local linen supply that really cares.”

To review the newly updated linen supply page for Stamford Linen, please visit Information concerning Brooklyn linen supply companies can be located. From that page, other services can be reached such as the company’s best-in-class uniform rentals, useful for restaurants that want to have chefs, waiters, and other staff that look their best in the competitive New York City restaurant industry. Those seeking information about linen services, generally, can visit


Here is background on this release. Professionally cleaned tablecloths and napkins can turn up the ambiance of a Brooklyn restaurant. A simple addition, including fresh linen tablecloths and napkins could change the image of a restaurant in New York City from basic to top-notch. One of the best Brooklyn linen supply companies can help deliver the type of look and feel that a restaurant entrepreneur may envision in his or her mind.

For these reasons, Stamford Linen has updated its linen supply page. Elegant New York flair is now available to each and every restaurant in Brooklyn; it’s just a web click and a phone call away.


Stamford Uniform and Linen is a top-rated linen and uniform delivery service serving the New York City area. Stamford Uniform and Linen offers pickup and delivery service for NYC locations including Brooklyn and Manhattan. Stamford Uniform offers affordable and quick delivery of employee uniforms including chef’s whites, waiter uniforms, hostess shirts and bartender aprons. Pressed tablecloths and linen napkins for Brooklyn restaurants can be provided by a top laundry service in Stamford. The company services small and large hotels, restaurants and other eateries. To contact the best uniform and linen supply service, go to the website.

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