Using a Spa Linen Service to Reopen Your Spa Post-Covid-19

Life is beginning to return to normal here in Westchester County, New York. Whether you’re in White Plains or Hartsdale, Yonkers or Larchmont, or anywhere else in the area north of New York City, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to begin to reopen your business post Covid-19. However, nowadays you will need to use a lot more linens than you did before the pandemic hit. Many spa owners as well as those who run massage therapy offices or salons are finding that whereas before COVID-19 they used just a few linens, now they use quite a few more linen products than they did before. How so?Spa Linen Service in Westchester County New York

First, their employees may be wearing uniforms or other types of coveralls and need to change them between clients. For example, many skincare spas are now requiring employees to change their outer uniforms between each and every customer. This means a quintupling in demands for these linen products. Second, the use of towels and sheets has also dramatically increased. Each customer might have used just one or two towels before COVID-19 and now they are using multiples. Third, there is the end-of-the-day clean up. Many spas are now having a very thorough cleaning before and after each day’s work.

Is this good business? Yes, absolutely. Customers won’t return to spas, skin care clinics, or massage therapy offices here in Westchester county until or unless they feel safe. So the smart owners are stepping up to the plate and upgrading the cleanliness of their staff uniforms, their towels and linens, and all aspects of their spas.

A New Business Problem: an Increase in Demand for Linen Supply / Linen Services in Westchester

This creates a new business problem, however: a massive increase in your linen needs. Previously, you may have been able to do this yourself. But now you can’t. You have literally quintupled your demand for linens. It’s another business headache. What’s the solution? Outsourcing, outsourcing is the solution. You need a professional linen service that gets the new environment, one that can service small businesses in Westchester with best-in-class linen services. That’s where Stamford Linen comes in. Our “headquarters” is in Stamford, CT, but we service all of Westchester county and we specialize in small businesses. We can do your towels, linens, sheets, and clean up linen needs. We deliver as often as you need, and have no contracts.

We’re not like the big chains that won’t talk to you because you’re small. We’re a small business just like yours and we can help with your linen supply needs. Just call us today for a free quote. Don’t “throw in the towel” in this new post-Covid environment.   Adapt to it with a new relationship that gets you the quality linens you need to say open and succeed!


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